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Alison’s free online health courses are designed to provide continuing education to those already in the healthcare field as well as those seeking first-time healthcare training. Alison offers diploma-level health courses in mental health, nursing, caregiving, and diseases and disorders. There are also courses in nutrition, care management, and fitness. These courses are useful for students studying health, caregivers, or people interested in improving their own health.

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Coronavirus Infectious diseases/COVID-19
Global Health Initiative: Hepatitis B Awareness   Communicable diseases
Global Health Initiative: Hepatitis C Awareness   Communicable diseases
Global Health Initiative: Malaria Awareness  Communicable diseases
Patient Care and Hygiene Health workforce & training
Nursing Leadership and Care Management Health workforce & training
Elderly Care and Caring for the Disabled Elder health
Community and Institutional Pharmacy Medical services
Mental health courses Mental health & psycho-social services

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