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German Foundation for World Population – DSW

German Foundation for World Population – DSW

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DSW stands for hope and action for a brighter future for all young people, especially for those living in poverty. The Foundation promotes an enabling environment and fosters meaningful and inclusive participation. The focus areas of DSW are: activating youth potential; advocating for a better world and making sure that health remains a development priority; and nvesting in global health and empowering girls. In East Africa, DSW works with women and youth to respond to the needs for comprehensive adolescent reproductive health education, sexual health, voluntary family planning, and youth-friendly health services. It involves community members and influential groups to convince young people. DSW’s media contains news, press release and publications with resources from Africa, Caribbean, UK and other countries. Topics cover AIDS, diseases, young people, global health, HIV, TB, malaria, maternal care, MNH, poverty-related neglected diseases, newborn, and planning policy.

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