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Health Intervention and Technology Assessment Program – HITAP

Health Intervention and Technology Assessment Program – HITAP

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HITAP is a semi-autonomous research unit under Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health. The Program was established as a non-profit organization in order to take responsibility for appraising a wide range of health technologies and programs, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, interventions, individual and community health promotion, and disease prevention as well as social health policy to inform policy decisions in Thailand. Later, HITAP established an international unit, drawing on its experiences locally and internationally, to work at the global level with overseas development partners to build capacity for health technology assessment. HITAP appraises health interventions and technologies by using international standard and qualified research methodologies. The Program develops systems and mechanisms to promote the optimal selection, procurement and management of health technology as well as appropriate health policy determination. HITAP’s research thematic areas focus on: disease prevention and health promotion; health policies; health services; medical devices; medical procedures; and pharmaceutical, treatment and rehabilitation. HITAP distributes research findings to educate the public to make the best use of health interventions and technology assessment results. The news and documents section has newsletters, multimedia, documents, research reports, policy brief, infographic, domestic and international publications.

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