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Health Research Web (HRWeb)

Health Research Web (HRWeb)

 Health planning & management / by Nason Bimbe / 726 views

Health Research Web is an interactive platform aimed at improving health, equity and development through research. HRWeb is particularly aimed at research focusing on improving health in low and middle income countries and populations, but it will be useful to high income countries as well. It is a web-based information and management platform and, as a means to that end, also an online community of people interested in building a high-quality information and management system in a spirit of mutual respect and in pursuit of ‘health for all’ by enabling all who work for health, equity and development through research to find, use and share information needed to achieve their goals. HRWeb is a growing source of information on the structure, organization, financing and prioritization of research for health in and for low and middle income countries. It is not primarily a research database. HRWeb aims to provide governments and institutions, in low and middle income countries in particular, with key information they need to optimize the potential of research to improve health and development. It will also increase visibility and accountability of all those engaged in research for health, and provide a source of information to find collaborators or to support capacity building.

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