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Indian Institute of Health Management Research – IIHMR

Indian Institute of Health Management Research – IIHMR

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IIHMR is dedicated to the improvement in standards of health through better management of health care and related programs. It seeks to accomplish this through management research, capacity building/ training, consultation and institutional networking in national and global perspective. IIHMR aims to create new knowledge and develop alternate modes of improving healthcare to management research, education and training in India and around the world.  IIHMR works as a WHO Collaborating Centre for District Health Systems Based on Primary Healthcare. The Institute has conducted many research projects and studies at the national and international level that have high relevance to health policies and programs.  Specific areas of research include: health program evaluation, health survey, health system and strategies, human resource &training, family welfare, nutrition, national health policy, operations research, project implementation plan, health economics/financing/insurance, maternal health/child health, health management information system, HIV/AIDS, healthcare reforms, community based programs and involvement in the urban health care, public private partnership, quality assurance, medical education and much more.

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