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International AIDS Vaccine Initiative – IAVI

International AIDS Vaccine Initiative – IAVI

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IAVI is a global non-profit organization whose mission is to ensure the development of safe, effective, accessible HIV vaccines and other biomedical tools to prevent HIV infection. IAVI works with government agencies, civil society, clinical and community partners around the world to research, design, and develop AIDS vaccine candidates. The Initiative has amassed scientific and clinical capital to address other emerging infectious diseases to illuminate the path toward an AIDS vaccine. IAVI uses a comprehensive approach that balances the expansion and strengthening of existing HIV prevention and treatment programs with targeted investments in the design and development of new prevention tools. Moreover, IAVI conducts policy analyses and serves as an advocate for peers in the AIDS prevention field. IAVI has a global headquarters in USA and Regional offices in the Netherlands, Kenya, South Africa and India. The IAVI Social Research database describes IAVI-supported social science research of relevance to HIV vaccine R&D. The trials database provides database of preventive HIV vaccine candidates. The Information Center contains a library of IAVI press releases, statements and publications and important news from its partners.

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