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International Cancer Control Partnership – ICCP

International Cancer Control Partnership - ICCP

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ICCP is a group of international organizations engaged in cancer control planning efforts. The partners are seeking to create synergies to maximize collective resources and efforts to support the development, implementation and evaluation of cancer control plans. The Partnership provides leadership, expertise and guidance to cancer planning stakeholders and decision-makers in their efforts to develop data-driven, stakeholder-informed country level national cancer control plans in the Switzerland. The ICCP Portal is the one-stop shop online resource for cancer planners and policy-makers. The portal brings the experience and best practice knowledge of leading cancer organizations and experts. The library of resources provides access to materials and tools on cancer control planning and capacity-building at local, national and regional levels. You can perform a search on more than 100 cancer plans and emerging NCD plans on a specific topic or area along the cancer care continuum.

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