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Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning –JOICFP

Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning –JOICFP

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JOICFP is an international non-profit organization active in the field of population, sexual and reproductive health and rights, including family planning, maternal health and HIV/AIDS. The organization works to improve the health status of women, men and young people around the world. JOICFP grew out of a desire to share the lessons of family planning and maternal and child health that flourished in Japan as a community-based movement oriented toward preventive health. The activities have spread to over 32 countries in Asia and the Pacific, Africa and Latin America where community people remain central to all efforts. Program areas of JOICEP include: communication for development; international training programs on safe motherhood, adolescent sexual reproductive health, and capacity development of RH programmes. JOICEP also connects Japanese civil society and developing countries. The organization advocates locally, regionally, and internationally through networks with Members of Parliament, governmental organizations, NGOs, mass media, business communities, grassroots communities and international organizations to increase support for SRH worldwide. The news room has information on the thematic program areas of intervention.

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