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National Institute for Communicable Diseases – NICD

National Institute for Communicable Diseases – NICD

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NICD aims to be a resource of knowledge and expertise in relevant communicable diseases to the South African Government, to Southern African Development Community countries and the African continent. The Institute supports appropriate responses to communicable disease problems and issues and assists in the planning of policies and programs. NICD has centers for Emerging Zoonotic and Parasitic Diseases; enteric diseases; health care-associated infections; HIV and STI; respiratory diseases and meningitis; tuberculosis, vaccine and immunology; and division of public health surveillance and response. It has also a national cancer register as well as South Africa regional and global diseases detection program. NICD’s ‘field epidemiology training programs are established in over 55 countries worldwide. In addition, the Institute provides training for medical registrars, intern medical scientists and intern medical technologists in public health-oriented communicable diseases. The NICD publications link has valuable resources available to all universities. The documents include annual review reports, communication diseases surveillance bulletins and reports.

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