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 Public health / by Nason Bimbe / 736 views

OER Commons helps educators, students, and lifelong learners avoid time-consuming searches and find the right materials. With a single point of access from which they can search, browse and evaluate resources in OER Commons’ growing collection of over 50,000 OER, everyone can more efficiently find what they need. Courses in the field of public health include: heath care system; nutritional health; population change; public health workforce; toxicology; immunization; urban health; health care insurance; STI and more.
Courses subject
Adolescent Health and Development Adolescent health
Social & Behavioral Foundations of Primary Health Care Primary health care
Health Behavior Change at the Individual, Household and Community Levels Community health care
Implementation of a Community Health Improvement Program Community health care
Financing Health Part 1 Health care financing
Improving the Health of the Population & Evidence-based Medicine Community health care

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  • Subject category: Adolescent health, Community health care, Environmental health, Nutrition, Urban health
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