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Pfizer Inc

Pfizer Inc

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Pfizer develops medicines and offers tips and tools that can help people live better and healthier lives. The Company combines traditional philanthropic methods with novel approaches that create an enduring and meaningful impact on public-health systems to facilitate access to healthcare for under-served communities around the world. The portfolio of programs range from donating Pfizer medicines and volunteering valuable employee skills to providing grants and investments that support social entrepreneurs and enterprises, fostering local innovation and improving healthcare delivery and access. Pfizer is committed to advancing collaborative efforts to reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with a wide range of chronic diseases for people, and to help them achieve a healthy life at all ages. The Company actively partners with nonprofit organizations and governments to implement cost-effective interventions designed to prevent and control NCDs in low-, middle-, and high-income countries. The news section highlights top-of-mind stories, press releases, press kits, press statements and frequently requested information. The section on your health has information on healthy living, disease conditions and how you can manage your health.

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