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Results for Development – R4D

Results for Development – R4D

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R4D works with change agents around the globe to create self-sustaining systems that support healthy, educated people. The organization is active in more than 55 countries, including many deep multi-year engagements and several global initiatives. R4D works in the thematic areas of health, education, and nutrition and partners with local and global organizations to achieve maximum impact. Under health, R4D provides evidence, advice, support and connections to change agents as they drive the progress needed to deliver high-quality, affordable health services for all. Thematic health systems focus on health systems strengthening, health financing, UHC and primary health care. The health areas include HIV, maternal & child health, immunization, pneumonia, malaria, and water, sanitation and hygiene. R4D believes that primary care is the foundation of universal health coverage. The organizations work in low- and middle-income countries to create the tools and resources necessary to adequately fund and improve primary care service delivery, including using data to improve primary care performance. R4D’s work in primary health care encompasses system strengthening to address the challenges of lack of access to essential health services. The organization supports local change agents to advance primary health care improvements in line with their goals. R4D create and support global communities of innovators, funders and policymakers for continuous and iterative learning, knowledge generation, exchange and collaboration. You can explore the R4D digital communities: Primary Health Care Performance Initiative; Joint Learning network; Center for Health Market Innovation; Center for Education Innovation; and Global Innovation Exchange and Early Childhood Workforce Initiative. The resources have materials by thematic areas of health, nutrition, education as well as by approach and by type.

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