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Society for Public Health Education – SOPHE

Society for Public Health Education – SOPHE

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SOPHE is a non-profit, independent professional association that represents a membership of nearly 4,000 health education professionals and students in the United States and 25 countries. The Society aims to provide global leadership to the profession of health education and to promote the health of society. SOPHE members work in schools, universities, voluntary organizations, health care settings, worksites, and in local, state and federal government agencies in the US. The Society raises awareness of the connection between behavioral sciences, health education, health promotion, and the surrounding environment. SOPHE builds knowledge and skills to help health educators respond to public health emergencies. It also fosters family, school and community partnerships to reduce risks associated with chronic disease among school-aged children. The Society’s advocacy efforts focus on educating policy makers and providing training and resources to help public health workers improve advocacy skills. SOPHE promotes healthy behaviors, healthy communities and healthy environments. The resources link offers a wealth of health education and health promotion resources across the field.

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