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Unified for Health – UFH

Unified for Health – UFH

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UFH is a platform for like-minded individuals to promote health, international solidarity and peace. UFH strives to contribute to goal 3 (healthy lives for all) of the Sustainable Development Goals by ensuring all individuals have access to quality health care services and access to safe, effective and affordable medicines for all. Within this context, Universal Health Coverage (UHC) is a global health priority with significant action required to progressively improve overall population health outcomes in low, middle, and high-income countries. Thus, UFH synchronizes efforts to address global health disparities on the path towards UHC. The UFH cooperates with medical and academic institutions in both high-resource and resource constrained settings. This approach draws on the transfer of knowledge, capacity building and exchange of experiences shared by the institutions. UFH’s focus areas include health promotion, networking, and integrated rural developmental projects. The current issues page contains updates for UFH projects. The reading materials can be accessed via request.

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