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Virtual Campus for Public Health

Virtual Campus for Public Health

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The Virtual Campus has educational resources in the OER Network. The resources are created for the generation of knowledge, skills and attitudes, depending on the needs of its users. The classroom of the Virtual Campus of Public Health offers an environment with various resources for the exchange and collaborative learning network, supporting professionals to improve skills and to promote changes in public health. Topics include primary health care, healthcare technology planning & management, mental health; Sustainable health agenda; UHC, and much more.
courses  subject
Management of Working and Employment Conditions for Human Resources for Health Health workforce & training
Humanitarian mhGAP Mental health & psych-social services
Management of hypertension and cardiovascular risk in primary health care  Non-communicable diseases
Hypertension Control Drivers at Primary Health Care Centers  Non-communicable diseases
ICD-11 Training Package Diseases/disease control
Assessment strategies training on competency-based education for health professionals focused on maternal and perinatal health
Maternal & child health
Family Planning: Update on Family Planning for Primary Health Care Reproductive & sexual health
Training for primary care providers: brief tobacco interventions Mental health & psych-social services
Implementation of the HEARTS Technical Package in Primary Health Care Primary health care
Virtual Course on Human Resources for Universal Health Health workforce & training
Psychological First Aid (PFA) in disaster management in the Caribbean Disaster management & emergency services
Preventing Self-harm/suicide: Empowering Primary Health Care providers Mental health & psych-social services
Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test (AUDIT) – SBI in Primary Health Care Mental health & psych-social services
Nursing Leadership: Empowering Nurses in Latin America and the Caribbean Workforce & training
Soil-transmitted Helminthiases: Prevention, Treatment, and Control Neglected tropical diseases
Health Promotion: Tools, Concepts and Approaches Health promotion & information
Communicable Diseases & Environmental Determinants of Health Communicable diseases
Health Systems & Services Health systems
Non-communicable Disease & Mental Health Non-communicable diseases
Family, Health Promotion & Life Course Primary health care

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