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YouTube-Primary Health Care

YouTube-Primary Health Care

 Primary Health Care / by Nason Bimbe / 948 views

Free college courses online are widely available on YouTube. You can conceivably teach yourself almost any subject online. YouTube is the best way to find a video that is licensed under the Creative Commons license. In addition, if you are in the YouTube home page and type in your search term followed by a comma and then “creative commons” the videos returned are CC licensed.
courses subject
Primary health care Primary health care
Primary healthcare Primary health care
Nurses day 2019 Theme: Health for All – Explained in Detail Primary health care
Moral and Social case for Universal Health Coverage Universal health coverage
Community Health Worker Programs to Improve Healthcare Access and Equity Primary health care
Primary Health Care to Prevent and Control Chronic NCDs  Primary health care
Health System Strengthening, Social Justice & Equity Health systems

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