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International Health Organizations

Here you find wide-range of leading international, development, research and funding health organizations, foundations, government and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), academia, the private sector, community groups, programs and other health advocates. These entities work at the global level and integrate the efforts of work on primary health care. They play important role in improving the health of communities, regions and even entire nations, and in building sustainable health care. Many of these organizations conduct research to address health issues to find innovative solutions to strengthen the world’s primary health care systems. Their evidence-based analysis and reports facilitate decision-making process and make a profound impact on health policies at local, regional and global level. You will also find some of the leading actors such as brac, Icbbr,d, Jamkhed-CRHP and SEARCH that have adopted primary health care and that have played an important role in improving the health of communities. You could learn the different models of primary health care the institutions adopted to maximize impact.

Amor International believes that every child should have access to food, healthcare, shelter and quality education. The charity creates schools, programs and global communities around the common goal of respect for all, helping rebuild indigenous communities worldwide devastated by genocide, poverty and war through an education that helps all people realize their full potential and by reviving traditional knowledge.   The impact webpage has success stories on the four pillars of AMOR: education, health, human rights and international collaboration.

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IHP aims to provide free medical aid to the world's neediest people without discrimination. It works towards this goal by working with pharmaceutical and medical supplies companies in the UK. The charity also teams up with the government and wider medical community to help influence policy and change. IHP sources and ships medicines and health supplies to help equip clinics, hospitals and healthcare workers around the world to change and save lives. The stories webpage has materials on IHP’s work in the response to disasters or in the long-term supply of donations around the world.

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The IDDT was formed by people living with diabetes for people with diabetes. Because of this, the charity understands many of the day-to-day difficulties of people who live with diabetes, both Type 1 and Type 2, their families, friends and the care teams that support them. The publications page has quarterly Newsletters, a range of information leaflets and Information Packs.

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Dentistry & Oral Sciences Source is a full-text research database for dental practitioners and researchers. It offers top dental and oral sciences journals commonly purchased by dental schools and related institutions. Subjects include: dental public health, pediatric dentistry and more.

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The vision of MAP is a future where all Palestinians can access an effective, sustainable and locally-led system of healthcare and the full realization of their rights to health and dignity. The charity works to strengthen health systems and improve access to quality care for women and children. The news webpage has the latest developments in the Middle East as well as eye witness accounts and expert analysis from MAP's staff.

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The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust (EPT) focuses on early pregnancy loss through ectopic pregnancy. It is a leading charity focusing on ectopic pregnancy in providing such extensive general information and peer support for anyone experiencing the condition. Also, the charity contributes to ectopic pregnancy research to the medical community. The website has leaflets, guidance, reports and research outputs of EPT.

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CIVHC strives to empower individuals, communities, and organizations through collaborative support services and health care information to advance the Triple Aim of better health, better care, and lower costs. The Center supports communities, organizations and individuals to identify opportunities to develop and advance innovative approaches to improve the health and well-being of Coloradans. The public data site provides opportunities for health and health care improvement to the Coloradans’ community. The publications section is aimed at serving, engaging, educating, or amplifying Change Agents, thereby highlighting their good work and providing necessary information and tools to help them move forward

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Advent aims to redefine healthcare delivery through patient centric strategies and innovation to create sustainability. It’s vision is to “redefine healthcare delivery. Advent’s services include: strategic advisory services and medical education resources/training.

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ECDC is a public health agency of the European Union (EU), with its headquarters in Sweden. It’s ambition is to protect over 500 million people from infectious diseases that are mainly caused by parasites and germs (such as viruses, bacteria and fungi). The resources include: data (dashboards, databases, data sets and maps); analysis & guidance as well as training and tools. The media center has infographics, videos and social media.

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The Public Health Agency of Sweden is responsible for public health issues at a national level. The Agency develops and supports activities to promote health, prevent illness and improve preparedness for health threats. It envisions to be: ‘a public health that strengthens the positive development of society’. The publications page has various documents in English, listed in alphabetical order.

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RIVM works towards a healthy population living in a sustainable, safe and healthy environment in the Netherlands. The Institute produces numerous reports and publications on all aspects of public health, nutrition and food, health care, disaster management, nature and the environment each year.  In addition, RIVM employees publish scientific articles in national and international journals.

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The Danish Health Authority has a national responsibility for health issues and works to ensure good public health and uniform healthcare services of high professional quality across Denmark, including effective health emergency management.  The publications section has a variety of documents on parenthood, diseases, mental health, child health, maternal health, coronavirus, nutrition, health promotion, non-communicable diseases and much more.

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CHZ is under the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The Center is responsible for preserving and strengthening the health of the population, social and hygienic monitoring of diseases, epidemiological surveillance and biological safety, group and population prevention of disease, fight against epidemics and strategic management in the field of public health. It has various publications and health promotion materials.

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The Austrian National Public Health Institute is responsible for researching and planning public healthcare in Austria.  The Institute also acts as the national competence and funding center for the promotion of health.  GÖG aims to maintain and improve quality, efficacy, and efficiency in the public health system. It offers a wide range of expertise from health care planning, economics, pharmaceuticals, health literacy, health promotion, and health reporting to evidence-based decision-making support.

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NIID aims at carrying out extensive and original research projects on a variety of contagious diseases such as preventive medicine, improving human health and welfare by suppressing infectious diseases. It supports the scientific background of health and medical administration of the government of Japan. These functions include: research activities, reference services for infectious diseases, surveillance of infectious diseases, national control tests and other tests, international cooperation, and training activities.

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