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AfrIPEN is a partnership among various institutions and individuals with the vision to establish inter-professional education and collaborative practice (IPE) as an integral part in training the health workforce and in the effective functioning of systems for health in Sub-Saharan Africa.AfrIPEN advocates, collaborates, promotes and shares good practice of IPE in Sub-Saharan Africa.You can join AfrIPEN as individual member, institutional member, or as a collaborator.  The Events page has upcoming and archived events. You can download reports, presentations, and audio materials. More details:

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CREHS generates knowledge about how to strengthen health system policies and interventions in ways that preferentially benefit the poorest. The Consortium aims to achieve this aim by working in partnership to develop research; strengthening the capacity of partners to undertake relevant research and of policymakers to use research and communicating findings in a timely, accessible and appropriate manner so as to influence local and global policy development. The publications section provides research reports and working papers. More Details:

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The ELMA Philanthropies Services is the services arm of The ELMA Group of Foundations. The ELMA Foundation aims to improve the lives of Africa’s children and youth through the support of sustainable efforts to advance education, improve health, and relieve the effects of poverty. The Foundation has health and education portfolios as well as community grants programs. The ELMA Foundations have locations in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Kampala, and New York. The news & stories section has featured stories and response to COVID-19.   More details:

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HHA is a collaborative initiative by AfDB, GHWA, JICA, NORAD, UNAIDS, UNFPA, UNICEF, USAID, WHO and WB to provide regional support to governments in Africa in strengthening their health systems. HHA was created as a mechanism to facilitate and coordinate the process of country-led development in all aspects of health systems strengthening. The collaborating partners focus on providing support in the areas of health financing, human resources for health, pharmaceuticals and supply chains, governance and service delivery, infrastructure and ICT. To promote synergies and joint debate on important issues, the HHA Committee of Practices have created a ‘Health Financing in Africa’ blog . The objectives of the blog are to encourage the free exchange of ideas and to provide a platform and visibility to experts working in Africa on health financing. The blog page has resources space for documents related to health financing in Africa, created by bloggers or the steering committee of HHA. More details:

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IAC is an umbrella body that has been working on policy programs and actions to prevent and eliminate traditional practices that are harmful to or impede the health, human development and rights of women and girls in the African Region and worldwide. The Committee takes care of victims and also advocates for those who suffer the health consequences of harmful practices. At the same time, IAC promotes and supports those traditional practices that improve and contribute to the health, human development and rights of women and children. The News  link has latest news, press release and reports on the works of the Committee. More details:  

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The Nurse Education Partnership Initiative strives to prepare the next generation of nurses and midwives to lead, change and shape the future of health care in Africa. NEPI leverages collaborative academic-practice partnerships and innovative clinical learning strategies to increase and retain the number of highly skilled nurses and midwives in Lesotho, Malawi, Zambia, Ethiopia, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and South Africa. NEPI partners with nursing and midwifery institutions in these countries in order to strengthen their educational capacity, develop competency-based curricula, and implement prioritized interventions that address workforce capacity issues.

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OAFLAD is an advocacy organization where First Ladies of Africa seek to leverage their unique position to advocate for policies that make health services accessible and laws that boost women and youth empowerment. The policies and programs include: advocacy, resource mobilization and development of partnerships with all stakeholders at all levels. First Ladies engage in various community-level activities to sensitize community and create awareness on health risks and policies. The publications section have resources on children, adolescents and women.   More Details :

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Right by Her is working towards one common goal: ‘to realize and extend women’s and girls' rights across Africa’. Each partner organization contributes their own area of expertise and works with specific groups across the entire African continent : youth activists, journalists, faith leaders, women’s rights activists, first ladies, parliamentarians and policy makers. Right by Her is engaged in campaign, research, advocacy and capacity building activities. The publications page has materials on gender based violence, harmful practices, HIV/AIDS, reproductive health and report. More Details :

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