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Bethel Medical College offers training in medical and healthcare fields to produce skilled professionals who can address healthcare needs of Ethiopians and improve the overall health outcomes of the population. The college provides programs in nursing, pharmacy, and allied health professions to enhance the quality of healthcare services.

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Bule Hora University (BHU) was established to play its part in the national efforts of bringing quality and excellence in teaching-learning, research, community services, administrative functions/good governance, connecting the development of cultural and natural resources with technology and its applications. More details:

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Dessie Health Science College has been providing various health-related training to health professionals, and has contributed to the production and deployment of graduates in the country. Currently,  the College provides courses on variety of disciplines including: clinical nursing, midwifery, and anesthesia

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HCHS is one of the four governmental health science colleges under SNNPR health bureau. More details:

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Menelik II Health Science College is part of the health sector institution of the Addis Ababa City Government.  The College delivers different courses in junior clinical nursing, public health, midwifery, medical laboratory technology, pharmacy and radiography in certificate level.

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The College of Public Health and Medical Science is one of the giant organs of Mettu University currently working hard towards its mission of advancing the health of the Ethiopian people through quality education, innovative research and community services.

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