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Communities at the Heart of UHC is a multiyear global campaign working to leverage political commitments for UHC by promoting community health and its champions from the global to sub-national level, and to track in-country financial commitments to UHC and community health. It supports efforts to strengthen the primary health care system beyond the facility level to increase access to quality health care and services for the hardest-to-reach communities.

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The Community Health Impact Coalition exists to make professionalized community health workers a norm worldwide. The Coalition catalyzes the adoption of high-impact community health systems design by: identifying practices that lead to quality care delivery and accompanying partners to adopt those practices. The Community Health Impact Coalition curates a fortnightly update on newly-released community health worker papers. You can join the thousands of people who are receiving update straight in their inbox. More details :-

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ECPCP is a pediatric professional organizations from countries within the definition of WHO Europe. It represents more than 25.000 primary pediatricians in 19 European countries organized in 23 organizations. Being Primary Care pediatricians means caring for children and adolescents in the community. ECPHP offers  a wide range of services from newborns to the 18th birthday and support transfer to general practitioners after  the 18th birthday. The resources section has presentation materials, survey results, curriculum in primary care paediatrics, links to journals and more.

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In advancing its mission, NAC conducts research, does policy analysis, develops national best-practice programs, and works to increase public awareness of family caregiving issues. In addition to national research and advocacy, NAC provides technical assistance to a national network of caregiving coalitions representing nearly 30 states and localities in the United States and serves as Founder and Secretariat for the International Alliance of Carer Organizations. The resources page has general support materials for caregivers.  The research section has library that has open data, guidebooks and more.

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