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Infolep is the international knowledge center for access to online information resources on leprosy and related subjects.You will find the latest information on: key topics; leprosy and COVID19; diagnostic tests; prevention and rehabilitation of leprosy and disability; as well as stigma, discrimination & mental wellbeing. The key topics provide collections of information, publications, and links on particular leprosy related subjects.Infolep helps you locate the resources you need by compiling key topic lists that highlight information resources on leprosy-related topics, selected and reviewed by field experts.

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InfoNTD is the one-stop portal of information on cross-cutting issues in Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs), such as disease prevention, disease management, disability, inclusion, stigma, mental wellbeing, health education, mHealth and WASH. It is the place to search for articles, e-journals, e-books and tools on NTDs and related subjects.

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