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The African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development (AJFAND) is a peer reviewed journal covering a wide range of scientific and development disciplines, including agriculture, food, nutrition,...

 Nutrition / 685 views

The Agricultural and Food Science Journal of Ghana publishes papers describing research, observational or experimental and critical reviews in agriculture and food science.

 Nutrition / 275 views

The Nigerian Journal of Nutritional Sciences is a peer-reviewed publication with primary focus of basic and applied studies in nutritional sciences and related fields. Original research articles, review...

 Nutrition / 1196 views / Popular

Sciences & Nature publishes original and review articles, abstracts, reviews of publications, proceedings of various scientific meetings and information of interest in general. Subjects covered include agronomy, sciences...

 Nutrition / 634 views

The South African Journal of Clinical Nutrition (SAJCN) is peer reviewed and an approved South African journal for the measurement of research output of public higher education institutions.

 Nutrition / 589 views

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