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Africa-Wide Information is a multidisciplinary index to research and publications by Africans and about Africa. The database includes 50 separate databases that provide extensive coverage. Contents include the humanities, social sciences, health sciences, development data, cultural heritage information, and materials in African languages. Sample topics covered include: primary health care; child health; sexual health; public health; health systems; nutrition; tuberculosis; herbal remedies; African plants; HIV/AIDS; Epidemiology; medical ethics; clinical trials; Filariasis; Schistosomiasis; and Elephantiasis. The collection combines dozens of databases sourced from Africa, Europe and North America. In addition, the database contains news sources, scholarly articles, monographs, research reports, theses and grey literature. You need to subscribe to access this database.

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The African Index Medicus (AIM) is a database to African health literature and information source implemented by World Health Organization (WHO), in collaboration with the Association for Health Information and Libraries in Africa. The database gives online access to health information produced on Africa or by African researchers published in national, regional, and international journals. AIM is an information source to health workers, policy makers and communities.

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BASE is a search engine especially for academic web resources, providing more than 100 million documents from more than 5,000 sources. BASE is operated by Bielefeld University Library. The advanced search allows you to search for specific types of grey literature. BASE indexes the metadata of all kinds of academically relevant resources - journals, institutional repositories, digital collections etc - which provide an Open Archives Initiative interface. The index is continuously enhanced by integrating further sources

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BDTD integrates the information systems of theses and dissertations existing in teaching and research institutions in Brazil. It also stimulates the registration and publication of theses and dissertations in electronic media. BDTD, in partnership with Brazilian educational and research institutions, enables the Brazilian C&T community to publish and spread its theses and dissertations produced in brazil and abroad, giving greater visibility to national scientific production. BDTD has some resources in primary health care

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DART Europe was founded as a partnership of national and university libraries and consortia to improve global access to European research theses. The Portal is managed by UCL Library services and provides access to open access research theses from Universities in European countries.

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DiVA portal is a common finding tool for all publications that have been registered and published with each DiVA member. The purpose of DiVA is to disseminate research and other publications openly available to the world. The different types of publication in DiVA content include: article in journal, dissertation, book, dataset, chapter in book, conference paper, artistic output, report and student thesis.

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GreenFILE is a free research database covering all aspects of human impact to the environment. Its collection of scholarly, government and general-interest titles includes content on global warming, green building, pollution, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, recycling, and more. Contents include open access full-text records.

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HLAS is a searchable online bibliographic database and links researchers to scholarly descriptions of books, journal articles, book chapters, conference papers, maps and atlases, and electronic resources published from the 1960s to the present. HLAS offers multiple search options and limits, and easy options for citing, saving, and emailing search results. HLAS Online tool links researchers to descriptions of materials published  and also provides online access to full-text bibliographic essays written by scholars. HLAS has some resources on primary health care.

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Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition is a  full-text database covering nursing and allied health topics, including pediatric nursing, critical care, mental health, nursing management, medical law and more. The database provides researchers, allied health professionals, nurses and medical educators with access to full-text scholarly journals focusing on many medical disciplines.

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Healthfinder is the U.S. Government's gateway to consumer health information. Sources by topic include: health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, health health, HIV/AIDS, nutrition, obesity, mental health and reproductive health.

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The Healthy People 2020 provides pre-formulated search strategies (structured evidence queries) that search high-quality, peer-reviewed scientific literature to identify research evidence for selected public helath and primary health topics. These one-click strategies search PubMed, an NLM database that provides access to millions of citations from MEDLINE, life science and public health journals, and on-line books. PubMed includes links to many sites providing full text articles and other related resources.

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Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) is a primary government agency for improving health care to people who are geographically isolated, and economically or medically vulnerable. It is the go-to source for data, dashboards, maps, reports, locators, APIs and downloadable data files on HRSA-funded public health programs including: primary care programs; health professional shortage areas; HIV/AIDS services, maternal and child health; rural health programs and much more.

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IndexCat™ is the user interface that provides access to searchable database containing the bibliographic citations of printed series of the Index-Catalogue of the Library of the Surgeon General's Office.  It provides direct access to the NLM online catalog of books, journals, audiovisuals and other materials in the library collections. It reflects the same publishing patterns: series, volumes, references, and the original dictionary arrangement for browsing and display. As a digitized resource, users may search all descriptive information as direct search terms. IndexCat has loads of resources on primary health care.

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IRDB is a database service that collects and provides metadata for content registered in academic institutional repositories in Japan. You can search the contents of IRDB-harvested institutional repositories.

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Many open access ebooks, book chapters and articles that have high-quality content are freely available for you to use. You do not need to register or login to access and download the journal articles, book chapters, serials and other documents.

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The Federated Network of Institutional Repositories of Scientific Publications (LA Referencia), is a Latin American network of open access repositories. Through its services, it supports national open access strategies in Latin America through a platform with interoperability standards, sharing and giving visibility to the scientific production generated in institutions of higher education and scientific research. LA Referencia has primary health care related resources.

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NARCIS provides access to scientific information, including (open access) publications from the repositories of all the Dutch universities, scientific institutes, KNAW, NOW, including open access e-theses. It also provides access to datasets from some data archives as well as descriptions of research projects, researchers and research institutes.

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The National Library is a free online dissertation service for public use. The Library is a depository library for dissertations in China, and is responsible for collecting and storing dissertations in China. It provides open access to promote the co-construction and sharing of dissertation information in China and to promote the freedom of academic dissemination. The National Library assists universities to achieve higher exposure, citation rate and academic influence in the international academic field. You can find some primary health care resources in the site

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The National ETD Portal is run by the UCT-CS Digital Libraries Laboratory on behalf of the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations.  Metadata for theses and dissertations produced internationally are collected and made accessible from this site. You can also find some resources on primary health care.

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The Native Health Database contains bibliographic information and abstracts of health-related articles, reports, surveys, and other resource documents pertaining to the health and health care of American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Canadian First Nations. The database provides information for the benefit, use, and education of organizations and individuals with an interest in health-related issues, programs, and initiatives regarding North American Indigenous peoples.

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NORA is an open access and institutional repositories in Norway.  It provides full text scientific information in open institutional archives, including student papers from colleges and universities in Norway. Publication types include: journal articles, reports, dissertations, conference materials and much more.

 Primary health care / 111 views provides access to New Zealand’s comprehensive selection of research papers and related resources. This site includes peer-reviewed and other research from universities, polytechnics, and research organizations throughout New Zealand. Items types include theses, books, conference papers, datasets, journal articles, reports and more. You can also find materials on primary health care.

 Primary health care / 77 views is a portal providing a single point of access to Greek scientific digital content.  It harvests the metadata of collections in Greece that are OAI-PMH compatible. Content providers are academic and research institutions, archives, libraries and scientific societies from Greece and Cyprus. Through users can search for academic grey literature, research articles, books, conference proceedings, archives, etc, and among topics that span the science, humanities, social sciences and medicine disciplines. It also has primary health care materials.

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The Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI), fulfills agency-wide responsibilities to collect, preserve, and disseminate both unclassified and classified scientific and technical information. OSTI provides access to the information via a suite of web-based, searchable discovery tools and through other commonly used search engines, offering ever-expanding sources of R&D information to DOE, the research community, and the science-attentive public.

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The ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global (PQDT) database is the world's most comprehensive curated collection of multi-disciplinary dissertations and theses from around the world, offering over 5 million citations and 3 million full-text works from thousands of universities. Uncover new ideas and innovations with more confidence and efficiency. ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global delivers a focused path for researchers by tapping into a global network of connected research. The database has loads of primary health care resources.

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Repozitar is a repository of scientific work from different institutions and universities in Czech Republic.

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The Technical Resources, Assistance Center, and Information Exchange (TRACIE) is created to meet the information and technical assistance needs of healthcare staff, healthcare coalitions, healthcare entities, healthcare providers, emergency managers, public health practitioners, and others working in disaster medicine, healthcare system preparedness, and public health emergency preparedness.

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Theses Canada is a collaborative program between Library and Archives Canada and Canadian universities. It strives to acquire and preserve theses and dissertations from participating universities.  Theses Canada provides open access to Canadian digital theses and dissertations in the collection.

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Trove is the place to explore all things Australian. On Trove you can find more than 6 billion digital items on any topic. Trove connects you to digital collections from its Partners across Australia, including libraries, museums, galleries, the media, government and community organizations and more. Search Trove to explore the collections. It’s free and available online 24/7.  You can also find information on primary health care.

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The development of global guidelines ensuring the appropriate use of evidence represents one of the core functions of WHO. Some of the guidelines available topics include: antimicrobial resistance; child health; communicable diseases; environmental health; HIV/AIDS; health systems; malaria; maternal, reproductive health and women's health; mental health and substance abuse; neglected tropical disease; non-communicable diseases; nutrition; patient safety; public health emergencies; and tuberculosis.

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The World Health Organization Institutional Repository Information Sharing (IRIS) has organized its resources by its Regional Offices. A wide range of information is available around health thematic areas. The website also provides statistical information by country.

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