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The FOSTER portal is an e-learning platform that brings together training resources addressed to those who need to know more about Open Science, or need to develop strategies and skills for implementing Open Science practices in their daily workflows.  You will find a growing collection of training materials. Many different users, from early-career researchers, to data managers, librarians, research administrators, and graduate schools, can benefit from the portal. courses  subject  Introduction to Responsible Research and Innovation Publication/writing support Engaging the Public in Responsible Research and Innovation Publication/writing support  

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From the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation of France, FUN-MOOC is a public interest group offering a collection of courses, including many on research tools and various sciences, in French and English.  Some of the courses available include: global health; child and adolescent psychiatry; vaccinology; tuberculosis, malaria as well as EU budget and funding for regions. courses  subject Sexual Health for All (Part 1) Reproductive & sexual health Leaders in Health Health management & leadership Health Economics Health economics Responding to Health Challenges in Africa Community health care  

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