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AVI supports the marginalized and the dispossessed to find their voice and their place within the democratic and the development process, through its partner organizations, all based in India. The charity believes that every man, woman and child in rural India has the right to take control of their lives and to prosper in fair, equal and inclusive communities. The activities of AVI center on securing the rights and strengthening the livelihoods of India’s rural poor. Project areas include: supporting education, health, land rights, agricultural innovation and women’s rights. AVI works with local partners to address the communities’ needs and rights at the grassroot level. The role of AVI is to support them to finance, deliver and develop their work with communities and local stakeholders.

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ActionAid aims at eradicating poverty. Its focus in Ethiopia ranges across rural and urban areas. Intervention programs include: women’s rights; emergencies; and climate change.   The ‘publications’ page has resources on women’s rights, public services, emergencies, and climate change. Read more:

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ActivEPI is a tool for learning epidemiology.  The site has lessons on topics covering most introductory epidemiology texts.  ActivEpi also has a full range of learning activities including instructional expositions that use video, interactive study questions, short quizzes  

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Adam Matthew Sex & Sexuality is a collection which explores changing attitudes towards human sexuality, gender identities and sexual behaviors from the nineteenth to the twenty-first centuries. Investigating the breadth and complexity of human sexual understanding through the work of leading sexologists, sex researchers, organizations and personal accounts.

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ADV is a humanitarian and non-profit making organization founded by a group of Ethiopian volunteers to improve the lives of disadvantaged groups of society by accessing health, education, and training and employment opportunities. The health program of ADV focus on: reproductive health (reproductive health club support to adolescents and girls), population & environment ,primary health care and sanitation, IEC; and HIV /AIDS prevention.

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ADOLEC is a database on adolescence, produced by the Pan American Health Organization/WHO. Topics on primary health care thematic areas include adolescent health, women’s health, child health, health programs and plans, in-service training, rural health, diseases, consumer participation, information systems, oral health, HIV/AIDS, reproductive health, social inequality, and more.

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Adamawa State University Journal of Scientific Research is a journal for publication of original research articles concerning scientific approaches to sustainable development.  Thematic areas include environmental sciences and medical sciences.

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Advent aims to redefine healthcare delivery through patient centric strategies and innovation to create sustainability. It’s vision is to “redefine healthcare delivery. Advent’s services include: strategic advisory services and medical education resources/training.

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PDA works on a wide variety of projects to contribute to the development and wellbeing of the Afar people, many of them focusing on vulnerable women and children. The focus areas include mobile health and vaccination, water provision and harvesting, maternal and child health activities, and education for Afar children.

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The Africa Centre for Health and Population Studies is a joint initiative of the University of KwaZulu Natal and the South African Medical research Council to create a global centre of research excellence in rural areas. The Center’s research articles are available at Academia.    

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Africa CDC was established by the African Union with the purpose of reducing sickness and death by improving prevention, detection, and response to public health threats. The Africa CDC helps build a healthier, stronger Africa and the AU Member States are the direct beneficiaries. By supporting African countries in their efforts to monitor the public’s health, respond to emergencies, address complex health challenges, and build needed capacity, the Africa CDC help close dangerous gaps in public health systems of Africa. The Africa CDC Coordination Office is based at the AU Headquarters in Ethiopia. Five Regional Collaborating Centers, one in each region of the continent, help execute the day-to-day work of the organization and ensure that the continent is supported at the point of need. The news and events page inform latest happenings in the region. More details:  

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 Health systems / 251 views

Africa Health Atlas aims to provide a clear picture on the overall accessibility of healthcare services by the general population in each African country. It has a repository of healthcare facilities in African countries, the essential healthcare services those facilities provide and the prices for specific healthcare services. The repository also includes healthcare indicators collected and reported by major international organizations such as the WHO, OECD and The Global Fund as well as national statistical agencies.

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The Network is a group of African and global organizations and individuals already using or wishing to use budget advocacy as a tool to improve health service delivery in Africa. AHBN works with African CSO members and other partners to influence policy and public spending on health and to ensure that African leaders are committed to accountability and transparency around health budget in their various countries. In addition, the Network provides advice and expertise through knowledge and experience sharing among individuals, organizations and professionals to strengthen the ability of coalition members, to engage and influence their countries’ health budget and to improve better health spending in Africa. The resource center section provides access to essential resources including budget analysis reports, training materials, M&E tools, budget scorecards, budget infographics, factsheet and more. More details:  

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Africa Health Foundation is a non-profit organization that donates medical equipment to hospitals in Africa. The charity helps to solve some of the challenges of healthcare in the Region and to tackle it with resources and work together much more efficiently. More Details:

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AHI is dedicated to promoting young people’s health and development to ensure their successful transition to healthy and productive adulthood. The programs target at addressing adolescent health. The publication section has resources for program implementers working to advance young people’s sexual and reproductive health and rights, especially within the context of the family life and HIV/AIDS education. More details:

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AHO is an international health agency covering the African continent and the diaspora. The organization provides both technical cooperation and health service delivery. AHO aims to lead strategic collaborative efforts among countries in Africa and other partners to promote equity in health, to combat disease, and to improve the quality of, and lengthen, the lives of the peoples of Africa. The publications page includes: plans and strategies, technical reports, gender equality policy, NTD and COVID-19 resources. More Details:

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Africa Healthcare Network is committed to bringing sustainable change to those affected by kidney disease in Africa. The Network brings world-class technical expertise combined with developing world practical operating experience to the Region that in dire need of quality dialysis treatment. It has established a dialysis chain across Sub-Saharan Africa, providing life-saving dialysis at affordable cost.AHN has centers in Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya and Burundi. More details:

 Network (advocacy or NGO) / 693 views

Africa Insight is an independent, peer-reviewed, publication that promotes insight into the process of change in Africa. The journal comprises well-researched and referenced information and opinion, written by experts in their fields. It covers a wide range of diverse topics such as health hazards, community development, food security, political trends, economic issues, regional cooperation, international relations, aspects of education and training, institutional capacity building and so on. The journal is published by Human Sciences Research Council, South Africa.

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AfrIPEN is a partnership among various institutions and individuals with the vision to establish inter-professional education and collaborative practice (IPE) as an integral part in training the health workforce and in the effective functioning of systems for health in Sub-Saharan Africa.AfrIPEN advocates, collaborates, promotes and shares good practice of IPE in Sub-Saharan Africa.You can join AfrIPEN as individual member, institutional member, or as a collaborator.  The Events page has upcoming and archived events. You can download reports, presentations, and audio materials. More details:

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The Africa Journal of Nursing and Midwifery, a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal, aims to publish articles on current nursing and health-related issues. The journal encourages debate, both theoretical and practical, on a wide range of topics that represent a variety of cross-disciplinary interests. It considers innovative qualitative and quantitative research methods and approaches as well as research that support high-level research learning and teaching. The journal is committed to the acceleration and development of capacity among marginalized groups, including those from developing countries, with particular emphasis on Africa.

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AMHF is a non-profit organization dedicated to research in mental and neurological health and substance use to generate evidence for policy and best practice in the provision of affordable, appropriate, available and accessible mental health services. AMHF brings together different professionals from both mental health and non-mental health fields to work together in research and interventions in mental health. Free mental health information is available and has publications, books, reports, papers, and monographs. More details:

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AMHRTF is an NGO dedicated to research in mental and neurological health as well as substance use research to generate evidence for policy and best practice in the provision of affordable, appropriate, available and accessible mental health services. The site has published papers, books, reports and monographs.

 Non-Government Organization / 416 views

The Africa Portal is a research repository and an expert analysis hub on African affairs. The Portal publishes and promotes research and analysis African from think tanks and thought leaders (academics, researchers, journalists and industry experts) on policy issues across a variety of fields. The key research themes under health include: Health education, health education of women, health planning, health risk assessment, health status indicators and HIV infections

 Health Databases / 29 views

Africa Sanguine aims to promote and disseminate the knowledge of the science and practice of blood transfusion and related disciplines, toward greater blood safety, on the African continent. It is hosted by African Society for Blood Transfusion, South Africa.

 General information / 1062 views / Popular

Africa-Wide Information is a multidisciplinary index to research and publications by Africans and about Africa. The database includes 50 separate databases that provide extensive coverage. Contents include the humanities, social sciences, health sciences, development data, cultural heritage information, and materials in African languages. Sample topics covered include: primary health care; child health; sexual health; public health; health systems; nutrition; tuberculosis; herbal remedies; African plants; HIV/AIDS; Epidemiology; medical ethics; clinical trials; Filariasis; Schistosomiasis; and Elephantiasis. The collection combines dozens of databases sourced from Africa, Europe and North America. In addition, the database contains news sources, scholarly articles, monographs, research reports, theses and grey literature. You need to subscribe to access this database.

 Primary health care / 1027 views / Popular

ACPF is a non-profit, pan-African institution for policy research and advocacy on children in Africa. In partnership with governments and rights-based organizations in Africa and around the world, the Forum aspires to contribute to the realization of “All rights to all children”. The ACPF resource center  has materials on child wellbeing, children and the law, accessing justice, violence against children, child poverty, children with disabilities, child-headed households, skillful parenting, child participation, audio visuals and much more. More details:

 Non-Government Organization / 963 views

The Committee is a group of individuals of high competence in matters of the rights and welfare of the child. The main task of the Committee is to collect information, interpret provisions of the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child, monitor the implementation of the Charter, report on the fulfillment of child rights and give recommendations to governments working with child rights organizations. The Committee considers individual complaints about violations of children’s rights, and investigates measures adopted by Member States to implement the Charter. The case law database has African child rights case by country, court case type and subjects such as abduction, best interests of the child, custody, sexual abuse, etc. There are also other documents and publications in the resources section. More details:  

 African Union initiative / 920 views

ACHAP provides technical assistance and health-focused capacity building, mainly on HIV and TB prevention, care and treatment. ACHAP’s activities are expanded across the public/population health space providing technical support, training and grant management services in the African Region. The publications link has latest news, newsletters, and document library.  More details:

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The African Federation for Emergency Medicine (AFEM) is a broad coalition of national societies, organizations, and individuals from over 40 countries dedicated to securing high-quality emergency care for all people across Africa. The Federation envisions an Africa where high-quality emergency care is realized for all. The model to achieve this has six components: leadership development; advocacy; collaboration; research; education & training; and policy and frameworks. AFEM’s resources are Africa-specific and focus on clinical, nursing, and pre-hospital emergency care. The materials are open source and provide guidance for leadership development, education and training, advocacy, and policy. More detail:

 Alliance/Coalition / 673 views

AfroPHC is a forum for health workers on the frontlines of primary care services in health systems of Africa and supporters of the primary health care approach. AfroPHC is committed to achieving universal health coverage in Africa. The centrality of PHC to UHC efforts remain a challenge in Africa.AfroPHC requests all organizations and individuals to join in and contribute to the PHC approach, especially for rural communities. AfroPHC has resources such as Research, Google group,training and news. More Details :

 Forum / 437 views

AFREHealth is an interdisciplinary health professional group that seeks to work with Ministries of Health, training institutions and other stakeholders to improve the quality of health care in Africa through research, education and capacity building. The Group constitutes individuals, institutions, associations and networks from all the geographic and linguistic regions of Africa; namely Anglophone, Francophone, Lusophone and Arabophone. You can join the membership if you are committed to an Africa with strong, self-sustaining and robust health systems.The resources page has reports and publications by AfreHealth members.   More Details:

 Forum / 589 views

The African Health OER Network advances health education in Africa by using OER to share knowledge, address curriculum gaps and support communities around health education. The resources include: public and community health; behavioral sciences; dentistry; ethics; health services administration; informatics; nursing; nutritional science and pharmacology. Courses  Subject Health Promotion Health promotion & education Growing an Institutional Health OER Initiative: A Case Study of the University of Cape Town Health sciences  

 Community health care / 1244 views / Popular

Inspired by potential benefits of Open Educational Resources (OER), over 40 faculty and staff representing eight health science institutions from across Africa came together and established the African Health OER Network (OER Africa). The Network seeks to enable participants to develop, adapt and share health education resources to augment limited human and other resources in the health sector and impact positively on overall health provision. The OER Africa aims to strengthen the intellectual and policy infrastructure within and between African institutions and beyond. The Network advances health education in Africa by using OER to share knowledge, address curriculum gaps, and support communities around health education. In the Courseware, Research & Policies section, OER Africa and other partners research is available. More details:

 Academic institution / 824 views

AHO is a non-governmental organization whose purpose is to advance the course of medicine and health in Africa through cooperation with existing international organizations and agencies. The organization provides health services to the African people by complementing and expanding the work of WHO, especially in the rural areas of the continent. AHO aims to provide solutions to health problems through medical research, public health education and dissemination of information. More Details:

 Non-Government Organization / 354 views

The AHN, a non-profit organization, is a coalition of heart foundations, cardiac societies and individuals working in the field of cardiovascular disease in Africa. The Network is part of the global cardiovascular disease (CVD) community through its membership of the World Heart Federation (WHF). AHN work towards the improvement of the health of Africans through CVD prevention, better detection, and treatment between African countries. It advocates for increased awareness regarding the prevention and control of CVD in Africa. Also, AHN spearheads policies and programs to promote cardiovascular health in the whole population and among high risk individuals. In addition, AHN disseminates and promotes research findings related to non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in Africa. The resource center link provides evidence-based patient information regarding the prevention of cardiovascular disease aimed for the general public. More details:

 Non-Government Organization / 1200 views / Popular

The African Index Medicus (AIM) is a database to African health literature and information source implemented by World Health Organization (WHO), in collaboration with the Association for Health Information and Libraries in Africa. The database gives online access to health information produced on Africa or by African researchers published in national, regional, and international journals. AIM is an information source to health workers, policy makers and communities.

 Primary health care / 1491 views / Popular

AFIDEP is an African-led, regional non-profit research policy institute established to help bridge the gaps between research, policy and practice in development efforts in Africa. AFIDEP works towards systemic actions that drive a cultural shift from low evidence use to a setting where evidence is actively sought and used routinely in decision-making. In this way, the right investments are made towards the transformation of people’s lives for the better. The resources section has publications such as policy documents, policy briefs, journal articles, news & blogs, multimedia and training materials

 Non-Government Organization / 255 views

AIPHP is dedicated to fostering national and international collaboration among public health professionals and fellows. The Institute provides updated knowledge and skills to public health professionals. It contributes to all national public health services. The publications section has journals, newsletter and educational resources.

 Alliance/Coalition / 582 views

AJPHERD focuses on research and practice in physical education, health promotion, recreation, and dance in Africa. The journal covers a wide range of topics related to physical education, sports science, health education, recreation, and dance, with a particular emphasis on issues relevant to the African continent. AJPHERD is published by the African Journal for Physical, Health Education, Recreation and Dance (AJPHERD) in collaboration with various African universities and academic institutions.


African Journal of Ageing Studies provides new perspectives on the challenges of ageing, healthy ageing and increased life expectancy, aged policy dynamics, and quality of life. The journal covers a wide range of topics including social policy, health care, psychology, and sociology, with a specific emphasis on issues that are pertinent to the African context. The African Journal of Ageing Studies is published by the African Network for Ageing Research (ANAR) in collaboration with various African universities, research institutions, and organizations.

 African Journals / 29 views

African Journal of AIDS and HIV Research publishes original research papers, critical reviews, short communications and case reports dealing with the prevention, treatment, cure, as well as fundamental research about drug development, HIV vaccines, pre-exposure prophylaxis, or post-exposure prophylaxis, the nature of HIV as an infectious agent and AIDS as the disease caused by HIV.

 African Journals / 28 views

AJADA focuses on research discoveries in areas related to alcohol and drug abuse within the thematic areas of prevention and advocacy, treatement & rehabilitation, strategies, policy and legalization. The Journal offers credible information to the public while strengthening research development. The Journal is a publication of the National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse

 African Journals / 19 views

The African Journal of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care focuses on research, education, and practice in the fields of anesthesia and intensive care in Africa. The journal covers a wide range of topics including clinical anesthesia, pain management, critical care medicine, and perioperative medicine. It is published by the Pan African Federation of Anaesthesiologists, in collaboration with various African anesthesia societies and academic institutions.

 African Journals / 27 views

African Journal of Cancer publishes research related to cancer in Africa. The journal covers a broad range of topics including cancer epidemiology, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship. It also includes research on cancer screening programs, palliative care, health policies, and socio-economic factors that contribute to cancer in Africa. African Journal of Cancer is currently archived.

 African Journals / 24 views

AJCEM focuses on Medical Microbiology including bacteriology, virology, rickettsiology and chlamydiology, Mycology, mycobacteriology and actinomycetes, parasitology, public health microbiology and much more. The Journal is the official Journal of the African Society for Clinical and Experimental Microbiology.

 African Journals / 21 views

African Journal of Dentistry disseminates new knowledge and information on all sciences relevant to dentistry. The journal considers articles on all aspects of the prevention, diagnosis and management of disorders of the mouth, teeth and gums, as well as related molecular genetics, pathophysiology, and epidemiology. The target audience of the journal includes researchers, dental practitioners or clinicians, oral and dental policy-makers, dental educators, hard-tissue scientists, dental students, and other health professionals.

 African Journals / 35 views

The main objective of the ASDI is to create different platforms destined for the professionals of dentistry to communicate their clinical and research work. The journal is hosted by ASDI, a scientific organization whose objectives are the promotion and development of dentistry all over the African continent.

 Oral health / 185 views

African Journal of Disability discusses issues and experiences relating to and supporting the act of better understanding the interfaces between disability, poverty and practices of exclusion and marginalization. Emphasis is on all aspects of disability particularity in the developing African context. This includes, amongst others: disability studies as an emerging field of public health enquiry; rehabilitation, including vocational and community-based rehabilitation; and disability-related stigma and discrimination.

 Disability & rehabilitation / 240 views

AJESD recognizes the importance of economic development throughout Africa and also the need for this to be sustainable. The Journal aims to develop a deeper appreciation of past, current and future African issues to provide guidance and potential solutions. It publishes material that serves African nations in research, development, decision/policy-making and education.

 African Journals / 21 views

African Journal of Emerging Issues is an interdisciplinary journal focusing on theories, methods and applications in health and biological science, medicine, social sciences, technology and innovation and more.

 African Journals / 320 views

  AJEST focuses on publishing research articles, reviews, and short communications in the field of environmental science and technology with a specific focus on issues relevant to Africa. The scope of the Journal includes: environmental pollution and degradation; waste management and recycling; climate change and adaptation strategies; environmental policy and governance; environmental impact assessment; sustainable agriculture and resource management.


African Journal of Food Science publishes original research articles, reviews, and short communications on all aspects of food science, including food chemistry, food technology, food microbiology, food safety, and food engineering. The publisher of the Journal is Academic Journals, a publisher of open-access journals in various fields of science, technology, and medicine.

 African Journals / 22 views

African Journal of Gender and Development focuses on publishing research articles, reviews, and commentary on issues related to gender, women's studies, and development in Africa. The scope of the journal covers gender equality, women's rights, gender-based violence, empowerment, gender mainstreaming, and gender in development policies and programs. The publisher of the Journal is Taylor & Francis Group, an international publisher of academic journals, books, and online resources.

 African Journals / 22 views

African Journal of Gender and Women Studies  is concern is concerned with the study of gender and its intersection with identity, including race, social inequality, sexuality, class, location, disability, ethnicity and nationality. The journal welcomes papers that explore the intersectionality of gender and women studies within the framework of such fields like literature, language, geography, history, political science, sociology, anthropology, media studies, human development, law and medicine

 African Journals / 29 views

African Journal of Governance and Development is a multidisciplinary publication to share scientific knowledge focused on the interface of governance and development.  The Journal focuses on issues of social, political and economic development not only for academic consumption, but also for policy considerations.

 General information / 283 views

AJHE focuses on publishing research articles, reviews, and policy briefs related to health economics and health systems in Africa. The scope of the journal covers a health financing, health insurance, healthcare delivery, health policy analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis, and economic evaluations of healthcare interventions. The Journal is published by African Health Economics and Policy Association (AfHEA), an organization that promotes the development and application of health economics and related disciplines in Africa

 African Journals / 26 views

African Journal of Health Sciences and Medicine provides access to research dissemination in all health research petinent to public health, clinical medicine and biomedical sciences. The journal is published by Dilla University

 Health sciences / 678 views

African Journal of Health, Safety and Environment (AJHSE) publishes research articles, review articles, short reports and letters to the Editor in all areas of public health, safety science and environmental sustainability.

 African Journals / 390 views

African Journal of Infectious Diseases Research publishes original clinical and laboratory-based research, together with reports of clinical trials, reviews, editorials, short communications, and case reports dealing with the epidemiology, clinical diagnosis, treatment, and control of infectious diseases with particular emphasis placed on those diseases that are most common in under-resourced countries. The Journal also publish phenomenal articles on the microbes that cause infectious diseases and on disorders of host immune responses.

 African Journals / 35 views

African Journal of Information and Knowledge Management is committed to the principles of open access, ensuring that all published content is freely accessible to anyone with an internet connection. This approach not only enhances the visibility of research but also promotes knowledge sharing and collaboration.

 African Journals / 22 views

  The Annals of African Surgery aims to provide a medium for the exchange of current information between surgeons in the African region. The journal embraces surgery in all its aspects: basic science, clinical research, experimental research, and surgical education. Topics include: cardiac and thoracic surgery, oral and maxillofacial surgery, trauma and orthopaedic surgery, paediatric surgery, health advocacy, ophthalmology and much more. The Annals of African Surgery helps surgeons in the region keep abreast of developing surgical innovations.  

 African Journals / 26 views

AJIS aims at disseminating research on ICT within the context of Africa; the innovation and development of ICT solutions for and within this context; impacts of ICT on society and of society on ICT; and other relevant normative, empirical, and theoretical concerns of ICT development, implementation, strategy, management and policy that are distinctive to Africa and associated developing economies.

 Health information technology & information management / 371 views

African Journal of Integrated Health (AJIH) publishes articles on the prevention, case management and treatment of endemic and emerging diseases in Cameroon, Africa and other parts of the world, towards health promotion. This includes research work in medicine, public health, dentistry, pharmacy, medical laboratory sciences, biomedical sciences, and physiotherapy

 African Journals / 535 views

African Journal of Internal Medicine publishes research articles, reviews, case reports, and letters on internal medicine in Africa. It covers various specialties such as cardiology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, hematology, infectious diseases, nephrology, oncology, pulmonology, and rheumatology. The journal is published by the African Federation of Internal Medicine (AFIM), which aims to promote high-quality research, education, and clinical practice in internal medicine across Africa

 African Journals / 23 views

AJLM focuses on original research, reviews, and case reports related to laboratory medicine in Africa. The journal covers various areas such as clinical laboratory science, pathology, microbiology, and molecular diagnostics. It is published by the African Society for Laboratory Medicine (ASLM), which aims to promote laboratory services and quality in Africa.

 African Journals / 25 views

African Journal of Malaria and Tropical publishes research on malaria and diseases that are prevalent in or unique to tropical and subtropical regions. The Journal aims to publish articles dealing with the relation of climate to tropical diseases, prevention, causes, signs and symptoms, complications, genetic resistance, diagnosis, classification, medications, prognosis, epidemiology, history, economic impact, vaccines, and treatment of tropical diseases, neglected tropical diseases, waterborne diseases etc.

 African Journals / 35 views

African  Journal  of  Medical  Sciences (AJMSC) is a medical sciences journal promoting the innovation, advancement and dissemination of basic knowledge in medicine, laboratory technology and other related medical disciplines. The articles published include: health care, nursing, community medicine and much more.

 Health information systems / 449 views

African Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences is published by the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan, Ibadan and the University College Hospital, Ibadan.   

 Medicine / 397 views

The African Journal of Microbiology Research serves as a valuable resource for advancing microbiological research in Africa and globally. The Journal covers subfields like bacteriology, virology, mycology, parasitology, and microbial genetics. It facilitates knowledge sharing among researchers, microbiologists, and healthcare professionals in Africa. It is published by Academic Journals.

 African Journals / 23 views

The African Journal of Nephrology is a scientific publication that focuses on research, reviews, and case reports related to nephrology in the context of Africa. The scope of the journal includes topics such as renal diseases, dialysis, kidney transplantation, hypertension, and other issues related to kidney health and disease in the African population. The journal aims to provide a platform for nephrologists, researchers, and healthcare professionals to share their knowledge and expertise in the field of nephrology, with a specific focus on issues relevant to Africa.

 African Journals / 28 views

The African Journal of Nursing and Midwifery publishes articles on current nursing and health related issues, and encourages those that exhibit innovative and quantitative research methods and approaches. It promotes debate, both theoretical and practical, on a wide range of topics and cross-disciplinary interests.

 Mother, newborn & child health / 328 views

AJND publishes scholarly works from all areas of nutrition & dietetics. The journal operates under the auspices of MJ & M Biolabs which is a scientific firm founded by medical scientists in Africa.

 African Journals / 31 views

AJOHS is a scientific publication that focuses on research, reviews, and case reports related to oral health. The scope of the journal includes topics such as dental diseases, oral hygiene, preventive dentistry, periodontology, orthodontics, oral surgery, and other issues related to oral health and dental care in the African population. The journal aims to provide a platform for dental professionals, researchers, and healthcare practitioners to share their knowledge and experience in the field of oral health sciences, with a specific focus on topics relevant to Africa.

 African Journals / 32 views

AJPS aims to promote research, post- graduate training and further education among paediatric surgeons, paediatric surgical trainees and paramedical personnel in the surgery of newborn infants and children particularly in Africa and other tropical regions of the world. The Journal accepts clinical and laboratory-based research manuscripts relating to all aspects of paediatric surgery. It is also a medium for publicizing meetings and news relating to advances in paediatric surgery and child health within Africa and worldwide.

 Child health / 140 views

African Journal of Pharmacology and Therapeutics (AJPT) publishes articles on topics related to basic and applied pharmacology. These include: drug discovery and development, pharmacoepidemiology, pharmacogenomics, proteomics, molecular biology, clinical trials, evaluation of novel and existing drugs using novel methodologies, and alternative therapies such as phytotherapeutics and ayurveda.

 Medical services / 271 views

Southern African Journal of Public Health incorporating Strengthening Health Systems aims to bridge the divides between academia, policy and implementation in health systems intervention and reform. The Journal publishes papers with recognizable policy impact that draw on robust research and operational experience from both academic and non-academic authors.

 African Journals / 312 views

African Journal of Respiratory Medicine mainly focuses on human pulmonary and respiratory health. Focus topics include the lungs, respiration (oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange), respiratory diseases, epidemiology, treatments, recent advances, and therapeutic interventions. Tobacco usage, family history, obesity, HIV/AIDS, diet, and chemical exposures that are the major risk factors for respiratory diseases constitute a significant portion of the scope of the journal.

 African Journals / 274 views

African Journal of Rheumatology aims to publish basic and clinical research in rheumatology to be a vessel of sharing knowledge across the globe. The readers of the journal are mainly practicing rheumatologists, researchers, physicians, surgeons and other practitioners (nurses, clinical officers etc) involved in rheumatology and arthritis management.

 Non-communicable diseases / 309 views

The African Journal of Sustainable Development is a publication focused on issues related to sustainable development. The journal covers topics including environmental sustainability, economic development, social equity, governance, and other interdisciplinary aspects of sustainable development in Africa. It aims to provide a platform for researchers, policymakers, professionals, and practitioners to exchange ideas and knowledge on sustainable development initiatives in Africa. The journal is published by the Centre for Sustainable Development, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

 African Journals / 30 views

AJWCS focuses on research, reviews, and case reports related to water conservation and sustainability in Africa, specifically in Kenya. The scope of the journal covers topics such as water management, conservation practices, sustainable water use, water quality, and related environmental issues in the Kenyan context. The publisher of the Journal is International Scholars Journals.

 African Journals / 20 views

Founded and based in Africa, ANPPCAN promotes child rights and child protection. The Network conducts research and documentation to initiate or strengthen programs for children. Core programs cover: provision of direct services to children; advocacy efforts at local, national, regional and international levels; networking and partnerships; systems strengthening; and capacity building to enhance ability in preventing and protecting children from abuse and in service delivery. The organization has national chapters in 26 African countries to respond to the specific needs of children by developing appropriate program interventions. A collection of resources focusing on child rights in Africa is available. More details:

 Network (advocacy or NGO) / 906 views

APHRC is a non-profit organization committed to conducting high-quality, policy-relevant research on the population and health-related issues facing sub-Saharan Africa in the next century. The Center generates and supports the use of evidence for meaningful action to improve the lives of all Africans through three integrated programmatic divisions: research that emphasizes health and wellbeing; research capacity strengthening to deepen the skills of African scholars working on the continent; and policy engagement and communications to support greater influence of evidence in policy and decision-making across sub-Saharan Africa. The research generation and synthesis focus on: development; education and youth empowerment; health and systems for health; population dynamics; maternal and child wellbeing and urbanization in Africa. The Center provides research fellowships for graduate and post-doctoral students. The publications section has documents on APHRC ‘s thematic areas. The resources available include research publications on health and health systems, infectious and non-infectious diseases as well as working papers, policy briefs, multi-media, newsletters, and much more. More details:

 Non-Government Organization / 876 views

ARUA is a network of sixteen leading research universities of the Region that strive to expand and enhance the quality of research done in Africa by African researchers. The Alliance intends to develop local research and academic excellence throughout Africa by developing strong and viable research universities. Moreover, ARUA seeks collaboration to find solutions to the development problems of the region. The research themes in the area of natural sciences focus on: climate change; food security; non-communicable diseases; materials development and nanotechnology; energy and water conservation. In the social sciences and humanities field, research undertaken include: poverty & inequality; good governance; urbanization and habitable cities; unemployment; and skills development. More details:

 Academic institution / 872 views

The AU works towards a peaceful, prosperous and integrated Africa. The departments of the AU, among others include rural economy and agriculture, science & technology, women, gender and development and social affairs. The Department of Social Affairs has core divisions of: AIDS, TB, malaria and other infectious diseases; health, nutrition and population; labor, employment and migration; and social welfare and drug control. The Department has developed the ‘Africa health strategy 2016-2030’ that is premised on a number of continental and global health policy commitments and instruments. Chief among these frameworks are Agenda 2063 “The Africa we want” and 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, including its Sustainable Development Goals. The resources section has documents, handbooks, newsletters, and the African Union Commission archives. More details:

 African Union initiative / 997 views

Africare is an African-American led non-profit international development organization. The charity works to improve the quality of life of the people in Africa having thousands of projects in 36 countries Africa-wide with technical specialties of health and agriculture. Cross cutting themes include economic development, nutrition, water, sanitation & hygiene, women’s and youth empowerment. There is also focus on infectious diseases. Africare applies community engagement, capacity building, locally-driven behavior change and innovative public-private partnership approaches. The media center has online media kits, news release and experts’ guide. More details:

 Non-Government Organization / 1032 views / Popular

AfricArxiv is a community-led digital archive for African research items such as research manuscripts, reports, datasets, code, illustrations, presentations, and more. By enhancing the visibility of African research, the site enables discoverability and collaboration opportunities for African scientists on the continent as well as globally. Research topics include: COVID-19; HIV/AIDS; Medicine and Health; psychology; and social & behavioral sciences

 Health Databases / 26 views

AfriKids aims to ensure that every child in Ghana is afforded his/her rights as outlined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. To achieve this, AfriKids strives to build the capacity and resources of local people, organizations and initiatives in such a way that they will be able to continue their efforts independently and sustainably in the future. The programs of AfriKids include child protection and good health and well-being to live life to the full.

 Non-Government Organization / 413 views

Afrimedic Journal is a multidisciplinary medical journal that publishes and promotes clinical and academic excellence in basic and clinical medical sciences as well as dentistry. The Journals considers original work on socio-economic, political and legal matters related to medical practice; conference, workshop reports and medical news.

 Medicine / 297 views

 Universal health coverage / 242 views

Afya is a not-for-profit organization that provides an environmentally-sensitive, community-oriented solution to help address the critical shortage of medical supplies in underserved communities around the world. Afya strengthens health systems by delivering customized shipments of medical and humanitarian supplies. In doing so, the charity impacts three critical domains: health, community, and environment.

 Non-Government Organization / 513 views

This database focuses exclusively on issues of aging and the population of people aged 50 years and older. Updated on a weekly basis, AgeLine is the premier online resource for social gerontology research.

 Health Databases / 29 views

The Agenda journal facilitates dialogue and debates between academic gender researchers, activists within the women's movement and other segments of civil society. The scope may encompass topics such as promoting women's rights, advocating for equal opportunities for women in education, employment, politics, and other areas, and addressing challenges faced by women in different social, economic, and cultural settings. The Journal aims to work towards achieving gender equity and creating a more inclusive and equitable society for everyone. It is published by Taylor & Francis, Ltd. on behalf of Agenda Feminist Media.

 African Journals / 24 views

HDSS provides a research platform for the Rural Public Health and Health Transitions Research Unit of the Medical Research Council (MRC) and University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa (the MRC/Wits-Agincourt Unit). Research themes include: health and social systems; adolescent health and development; adult health and wellbeing; and social and environmental determinants. HDSS has platform for research and evaluation trends and transitions. The publications section has research outputs including peer-reviewed journal articles; research reviews; reports; book chapters; research journal editorials or commentaries; conference presentations & posters; dissertations and theses; web-based data publishing, and much more. More details:

 Academic institution / 723 views

The collection contains agricultural science related full-text articles, granular access to figures and tables within articles, and the entire range of bibliographic records from AGRICOLA. AGRICOLA is the definitive bibliographic database to agricultural science literature.

 Health Databases / 31 views

The Agricultural and Food Science Journal of Ghana publishes papers describing research, observational or experimental and critical reviews in agriculture and food science.

 Nutrition / 309 views

The Ahfad Journal publishes original contributions consisting of reports, researches, literature reviews, historical or critical analyses research notes, and book reviews, or articles pertaining to the status of women in developing countries and the role of women in development, as well as contributions to social and health sciences.

 Community development / 195 views

The United States Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) created the Health Care Innovations Exchange to speed the implementation of new and better ways of delivering health care. The Innovations Exchange strives to produce evidence to make health care safer, higher quality, more accessible, equitable, and affordable as well as to work with partners to make sure that the evidence is understood and used. The Innovations Exchange offers health professionals and researchers the opportunity to share, learn about, and ultimately adopt evidence-based innovations and tools suitable for a range of health care settings and populations. You can find innovations and quality tools by subject, including A-Z diseases/clinical category, quality domains such as effectiveness, efficiency, equity, patient-centeredness, safety as well as quality improvement goals and mechanisms. In addition, the Innovations Exchange offers a range of learning and networking opportunities including Web events, online chats, and virtual and in-person meetings. You can download the AHRQ Health Care Innovations Exchange databases freely.

 Health services / 1013 views / Popular

 International e-journals / 297 views

 International e-journals / 227 views


AFSA is an anti-AIDS NGO in South Africa that supports regional, local and national efforts to reduce HIV, STIs and TB infections. The charity aims to address the structural and social drivers of HIV, raise awareness of sexually transmitted diseases and build resilience in communities. Knowing that different groups with HIV are affected differently, AFSA utilizes different strategies to address the social and structural drivers of HIV and AIDS by integrating interventions into a larger sexual and reproductive health framework throughout South Africa. The publication section has research reports and other materials and resources.

 Non-Government Organization / 521 views

 International e-journals / 27 views

AWA is an entity of the African Union with the specific mandate to lead advocacy, accountability and resource mobilization efforts to advance a robust African response to end AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria by 2030. Strategic approaches for the effort include: leadership, country ownership, governance and accountability; universal and equitable access to prevention, diagnosis, treatment, care and support; access to affordable and quality assured medicines, commodities and technologies; health financing; research, development & innovation; community participation and involvement; as well as multi-sectoral collaboration. The press center  has media releases, featured stories, news, events and downloadable resources on strategic frameworks; Africa scorecard on domestic financing for health; declarations; decisions; global commitments; experts’ reports and AWA brochure. More Details:      

 African Union initiative / 772 views

AIDSource offers access to a comprehensive collection of HIV/AIDS-related resources reviewed and selected by expert information specialists and librarians. AIDSource was developed by the National Library of Medicine (NLM) to ensure that those seeking information about HIV/AIDS have a source of quality reviewed current content. Resources included on the AIDSource website are organized by both topic of interest and audience, and are available in English and Spanish.

 Communicable diseases / 915 views

 Environmental health / 272 views

Al Ameen Journal of Medical Sciences is intended to deal with the basic and clinical research on medical science which is suitable for both medical scientists and practitioners. All medical areas are considered for publication including pharmacology, clinical pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, drug metabolism, toxicology, teratology and clinical trials.

 Medicine / 484 views

 Medicine / 334 views

 Mental health & psycho-social services / 168 views

The Alcohol Studies Database contains citations for journal articles, books, book chapters, dissertations covering biomedical and Psychosocial aspects of alcohol use, as well as a growing number of records on other drug use/abuse. The database includes records for selected popular, educational, and prevention materials such as textbooks, curricula, training manuals, and videotapes. Each entry provides full bibliographic information as well as subject descriptors from the Center of Alcohol Studies' list of controlled subject headings. There are over 80,000 records in the database, representing English language material collected by the Alcohol Studies Library since 1987.

 Mental health & psycho-social services / 884 views

AJHS is a scientific journal dedicated to all researchers in the field of health sciences and natural and life sciences. This journal publishes updates, original articles, clinical cases / facts, technical notes and brief communications, updates, letters to the editor, and review articles / reviews in the field of health science in the broad sense.

 African Journals / 184 views

Alison's free online health courses are designed to provide continuing education to those already in the healthcare field as well as those seeking first-time healthcare training. Alison offers diploma-level health courses in mental health, nursing, caregiving, and diseases and disorders. There are also courses in nutrition, care management, and fitness. These courses are useful for students studying health, caregivers, or people interested in improving their own health.   Select from the following Alison courses Courses Subject Coronavirus Infectious diseases/COVID-19 Global Health Initiative: Hepatitis B Awareness   Communicable diseases Global Health Initiative: Hepatitis C Awareness   Communicable diseases Global Health Initiative: Malaria Awareness  Communicable diseases Patient Care and Hygiene Health workforce & training Nursing Leadership and Care Management Health workforce & training Elderly Care and Caring for the Disabled Elder health Community and Institutional Pharmacy Medical services Mental health courses Mental health & psycho-social services  

 Health care / 1413 views / Popular

Allied and Complementary Medicine Database (AMED) is a bibliographic database produced by the Health Care Information Service of the British Library. It’s subject coverage include complementary medicine, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, rehabilitation, podiatry and palliative care.

 Health Databases / 312 views

 Primary Health Care / 241 views

ALOIS is a comprehensive register of dementia studies, cognitive impairment as well as improvement of, or prevention of decline in, cognitive function in healthy people. ALOIS covers all randomized controlled trials and controlled clinical trials of interventions and open-label studies. Users of the website include authors of systematic reviews, funders who want to know what research already exists and where there are potential research gaps, researchers identifying gaps in research and writing grant applications, teachers of evidenced-based dementia care, students of evidenced-based dementia care as well as carers and clinicians who want easy and quick access to the evidence in this area.

 Disability & rehabilitation / 964 views

Alt Healthwatch is a full-text alternative health research database focused on complementary, holistic and integrated approaches to health care and wellness. It offers the latest information about the evolving practice of holistic medicine and therapies. Subjects include: aromatherapy,  child birth, Chinese medicine, herbalism, nutrition and much more.

 Traditional health care & alternative therapies / 108 views

Amani Global Works saves lives in the Great Lakes Region of Africa, using Idjwi Island as a model. Founded in 2010 by Dr. Jacques Sebisaho and his wife, Mimy Mudekereza, their work for Amani has been concentrated on the Island of Idjwi, located on Lake Kivu, between the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. AGW operates a replicable model of primary health care utilizing community health workers, regional health centers and a referral hospital to provide care in a dignified setting to all people, in even the most remote regions.       More details:

 Private company / 393 views

The College of Medicine trains medical doctors for the sustenance and development of health care delivery in Nigeria.  The medical laboratory sciences and physiology aim to produce medical laboratory scientists and physiologists respectively, capable of working in health sector including primary health care anywhere in Nigeria and beyond. The digital repository of the University facilitates digital preservation and scholarly communication.

 Academic institution / 455 views

Amedeo provides a medical literature guide. The database serves the needs of healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, administrators, other members of the health professions, and patients and their friends. You can easily access timely, relevant information within your respective fields.

 Health Databases / 54 views

AAP is dedicated to the health of all children. It is a membership of pediatricians committed to the optimal physical, mental, and social health and well-being for all infants, children, adolescents, and young adults. AAP has policy documents on pediatric primary health care, policy statements, technical reports and more. The practice management resources are designed to help pediatricians stay current on healthcare trends; effectively manage their careers, practices and patient panels; and succeed in a competitive environment.

 Academic institution / 212 views

ACNM is the professional association that represents certified nurse-midwives & certified midwives in the US. ACNM sets the standard for excellence in midwifery education and practice & strengthens the capacity of midwives in developing countries. Its members are primary care providers for women throughout the lifespan, with a special emphasis on pregnancy, childbirth, and gynecologic and reproductive health. The professional resources section has news releases, ACNM documents, benchmarking, Ebola resources, workforce resources, immunization recommendations and much more

 Academic institution / 269 views

 Non-communicable diseases / 151 views

 Child health / 230 views

 Medicine / 165 views

 Medicine / 299 views

 Medicine / 161 views

The American Red Cross has mission of preventing and relieving suffering, at the US and around the world. The charity learn or teach life-saving skills so that communities can be better prepared when the need arises. It does this every day because the Red Cross is needed - every day. Red Cross volunteers and staff work to deliver vital services – from providing relief and support to those in crisis, to helping individuals be prepared to respond in emergencies

 Non-Government Organization / 167 views

Americares is a health-focused relief and development organization that responds to people affected by poverty or disaster with life-changing medicine, medical supplies and health programs. The emergency programs help communities prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters. The clinical services deliver quality health care for people who have none. We create and support sustainable programs that strengthen Community Health.  The publications page has the latest resources on key issues relating to the implementation of programs to promote healthy lives.

 Non-Government Organization / 253 views

Americares is combating the spread of disinformation and promoting science and healthy behaviors that can help stem the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. You can get the latest information and facts on VOVID-19 and other health crises. Americares also offers useful resource for health workers who serve the most vulnerable.

 Infectious diseases/COVID-19 / 992 views

AMMREN is a network of African journalists and scientists working together to reduce the burden of malaria, which is endemic in most parts of Africa. The organization is actively involved in advocacy on malaria and related diseases on the continent. AMMREN works in Ghana, Burkina Faso, Gabon, Kenya, Senegal, Tanzania, Gambia, Malawi, Nigeria and Mozambique. The website has news , newsletters and other publications. More details:

 Network (advocacy or NGO) / 739 views

Amor International believes that every child should have access to food, healthcare, shelter and quality education. The charity creates schools, programs and global communities around the common goal of respect for all, helping rebuild indigenous communities worldwide devastated by genocide, poverty and war through an education that helps all people realize their full potential and by reviving traditional knowledge.   The impact webpage has success stories on the four pillars of AMOR: education, health, human rights and international collaboration.

 Non-Government Organization / 94 views

AMREF Health Africa strives to improve the health of disadvantaged people in Africa. The charity operates in Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, West Africa and Zambia. Program areas of intervention include: maternal & child health; fighting diseases; water and sanitation; research and advocacy; as well as training and capacity building. The publications site has position statements and research papers on the intervention programs of AMREF. More details:

 Non-Government Organization / 1000 views / Popular

Angolan Journal of Health Sciences/ Revista Angolana de Ciencias da Saúde is a research journal. It gives visibility to research in Portuguese and English.  

 African Journals / 19 views

 Medicine / 142 views

The African Annales of Medicine is journal that publishes original research articles, clinical observations and commentaries on all aspects of Biomedical Sciences. The Journal has multidisciplinary readership which includes academic staff, physicians, paramedical staff as well as medical and science students. Particular attention is given to articles on clinical or basic research studies specific but not exclusive to the Democratic Republic of Congo and other African countries.

 Medicine / 144 views

Annals of Health Science (A2S) is intended for a community of scientists by publishing the recent results of research work. Thus, A2S is led to accept articles of original results, review articles and scientific notes, just as it accepts short discussion texts on scientific and technical problems, inviting debate and asking for solutions.  Thematic numbers can be considered,

 African Journals / 149 views

The Annals of African Surgery aims to provide a medium for the exchange of current information between surgeons in the African region. The journal embraces surgery in all its aspects: basic science, clinical research, experimental research, and surgical education. The Annals of African Surgery helps surgeons in the region keep abreast of developing surgical innovations.

 African Journals / 168 views

 International e-journals / 16 views

 International e-journals / 16 views

 International e-journals / 33 views

The Annals of Medical Research and Practice is a multi-disciplinary journal dedicated to the publishing of research manuscripts in all fields of medicine.  The Journal publishes manuscripts in the categories of original research article, review article, case report and letter to the editor

 Medicine / 159 views

 Medicine / 144 views

 International e-journals / 28 views

 International e-journals / 23 views

 International e-journals / 27 views

Annual Reviews is a non-profit organization that aims to provide the worldwide scientific community with useful and intelligent synthesis of primary research literature. It offers comprehensive, timely collections of critical reviews written by leading scientists, in over 40 focused disciplines within the biomedical, life, physical, and social sciences. Collections include medicine, nutrition, organizational psychology, public health and more.

 Health Databases / 30 views

 International e-journals / 27 views

 International e-journals / 17 views

 COVID-19 testing / 498 views

 Economics / 175 views

The Archives Hub gives you great value as a way to quickly find archives held in the UK. It is an effective way to discover UK archives. The collections under health include: maternity services; child health; clinical governance, mental health; health education; health services; medicine and more.

 Health Databases / 40 views

 Environmental health / 168 views

 Medicine / 396 views

 Medicine / 105 views

 Women’s health / 304 views

AHRI was founded in 1970 through the initiative of the Norwegian and Swedish Save the Children organizations. The Institute got its name from the Norwegian physician, Gerhard Henrik Armauer Hansen, who first described the leprosy bacillus (Mycobacterium leprae). AHRI’s programs focus on research, knowledge management, and capacity building training.  The resources webpage has publications, reports, documents and useful links to research articles.   More details:

 Government health organization / 1108 views / Popular

 Non-communicable diseases / 111 views

AJSI aims to disseminate scientific theories, research outcomes, innovative and novel methods in science and technology to the local, national, and international communities. The official language of the journal is English, but articles of national interest prepared in Amharic or Afan Oromo can be accepted.

 Ethiopian Journals / 44 views

 International e-journals / 24 views

 International e-journals / 30 views

 Public health / 282 views

 Public health / 252 views

 Medicine / 88 views

 International e-journals / 15 views

 General information / 159 views

AAWORD is a pan-African, non-profit organization with more than 1000 members. The Association undertakes and supports research, training and advocacy with the intention of promoting the economic, political and social rights of African women. Areas of focus on women include: trafficking; economic development; education; empowerment; rights; safety from violence and vocational training. More details:

 Non-Government Organization / 925 views

AAPCHO was formed to create a national voice to advocate for the diverse health needs of Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander communities and the community health providers that serve their needs. It advocates for policies and programs that give medically underserved communities access to quality health care. AAPCHO works to advance the data and medical knowledge to inform solutions and improve health equity.  The resources section has policy and advocacy docs, policy briefs, research capacity building, technical assistance, toolkits and much more.

 Government health organization / 359 views

ASPHA serves the collective needs of member institutions in the education and training of public health professionals by building their capacity to maximize and excel in academic training and advocacy, and in the process serve to provide a strong unified voice for promoting public health in Africa. The resources section has ASPHA reports, newsletters, articles, and database of member institutions.

 Alliance/Coalition / 290 views

 Non-communicable diseases / 134 views

 International e-journals / 17 views

The Aurum Institute works on the response, treatment and research efforts to eradicate TB and HIV. The Institute partners with government, the mining industry, NGOs and communities to better understand the global health challenges and to provide real solutions. Aurum strengthens existing health care systems and constantly innovates to improve the way things are done. The Institute has clinical research centers and health systems center, as well as implementation research and public health divisions. Aurum Library has a collection of resources, publications and tools to share knowledge and best practices. More details:

 Non-Government Organization / 1090 views / Popular

ANZCTR is an online register of clinical trials being undertaken in Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere. The ANZCTR includes trials from the full spectrum of therapeutic areas of pharmaceuticals, surgical procedures, preventive measures, lifestyle, devices, treatment and rehabilitation strategies and complementary therapies.

 Health Databases / 23 views

 Oral health / 174 views

AFDO is a cross-disability representative organization and the national voice representing people with disability in Australia. Its members are national and state disability advocacy organizations run by and for people with disability and their families. The vision of AFDO is to achieve a community where people with disability can participate in all aspects of social, economic, political and cultural life.  The news and resources section has news and materials on disability and other resources.   

 Non-Government Organization / 183 views

 Medicine / 108 views

 Public health / 130 views

 Medicine / 208 views

 Rural health / 172 views

The Austrian National Public Health Institute is responsible for researching and planning public healthcare in Austria.  The Institute also acts as the national competence and funding center for the promotion of health.  GÖG aims to maintain and improve quality, efficacy, and efficiency in the public health system. It offers a wide range of expertise from health care planning, economics, pharmaceuticals, health literacy, health promotion, and health reporting to evidence-based decision-making support.

 Non-Government Organization / 258 views

Auzmor Learn is a robust learning management solution that lets you easily assign training and track employee progress. Auzmor provides LMS and employee experience that keeps your teams learning and connected.  It helps business growth and revolutionize the future of technology. Employee development Compliance training Increase customer confidence training Partner training

 e-Learning resources / 49 views

BUMJ is a multidisciplinary journal, published by the Babcock Medical Society that provides rapid publication of peer-reviewed new human research findings in all the specialties of basic health sciences, basic clinical sciences, and clinical sciences with a strong emphasis on community health. We are keen on disseminating evidence-based pragmatic insights into health issues in Africa.

 African Journals / 200 views

The School of Public and Allied Health seeks to promote and improve medical care and health of all individuals, while preventing, diagnosing and controlling diseases, through education and medical sciences. The School facilitates training of special healthcare personnel specifically to meet the health system manpower needs of Nigeria, and the world in general. The Babcock University publication portal has incorporated the publications of the School of Public and Allied Health. 

 Academic institution / 175 views

BanglaJOL is a service to provide online publication of Bangladeshi journals.  It provides access to Bangladesh published research, and increase worldwide knowledge of indigenous scholarship. BanglaJOL has many research articles on health

 Health Databases / 63 views

BASE is a search engine especially for academic web resources, providing more than 100 million documents from more than 5,000 sources. BASE is operated by Bielefeld University Library. The advanced search allows you to search for specific types of grey literature. BASE indexes the metadata of all kinds of academically relevant resources - journals, institutional repositories, digital collections etc - which provide an Open Archives Initiative interface. The index is continuously enhanced by integrating further sources

 Primary health care / 1227 views / Popular

Bates’ Visual Guide delivers head-to-toe and systems-based physical examination techniques for the assessment or introduction to clinical medicine course. The site features video content for students and faculty in medical, nursing, and related programs. It provides careful attention to clinical accuracy, as well as the range of patient types profiled in the series.   Courses Subject Physical Examination Health services Communication & Interpersonal Skills Health services OSCE Clinical Skills Health services    

 e-Learning resources / 22 views

BJMS is a biomedical Journal and was created to highlight the rich output of  medical sciences mainly in Algeria but also elsewhere through its open access policy.  The journal covers a wide range of topics including clinical medicine, public health, biomedical sciences, and related disciplines. The publisher of the BJMS is the University of Batna, Algeria.

 African Journals / 29 views

Baylor College of Medicine is a health sciences university that creates knowledge and applies science and discoveries to further education, healthcare and community service locally and globally. COURSES SUBJECT Pain Management in the Cancer Patient Non-communicable diseases Geriatrics for Primary Care Providers and Hospitalists - Enduring Activity Primary health care Annual Wellness Visit Health & well-being Passport for Care: A Useful Resource for the Delivery of Care to Childhood Cancer Survivors Non-communicable diseases Connections: Reflections from the Frontlines of the COVID Pandemic - Episode 1 Infectious diseases/COVID-19 GWEP - Meeting the Needs of Older Adults in the Community: Accessing Services and Supports Elderly health Social Determinants of Health and Cultural Competency Public health Optimizing HPV Vaccination: Improving Communication Through Ethical Principles and Evidence-based Clinical Strategies Women’s health Effective Communication and Conflict Management Leadership & management Healthcare Economics Health economics Research Ethics Publication/writing support

 e-Learning resources / 27 views

Because Health is an environmental health site, bringing you everything you need to know about how the places we live, work, and play impact our health. Through a combination of science-based tips, guides, and expert advice, it's Because Health’s mission to show people simple ways to create a healthier future for themselves and their communities.

 Non-Government Organization / 356 views

BRFSS is a system of health-related telephone surveys that collect state data about U.S. residents regarding their health-related risk behaviors, chronic health conditions, and use of preventive services. BRFSS collects data in all 50 states as well as the District of Columbia and three U.S. territories. The site has resources on: prevalence data & data analysis tools; questionnaires; survey data & documentation; fact sheets; publications and other resources.  

 Health Databases / 102 views

Benha Medical Journal, a publication of Faculty of Medicine, Benha University, covers technical and clinical studies related to health, ethical and social issues in field of scientific researches and its results in different medical fields. Articles with clinical interest and implications will be given preference.

 Medicine / 402 views

BiblioMap, the EPPI-Centre database, contains health promotion research. The studies included have been complied over the years as a result of searching and coding research for inclusion in systematic reviews at the EPPI-Centre. All studies are coded for specific characteristics of health focus, population group and study type. Using Bibliomap, searches can be carried out using keyword and free-text terms. Reports enable visual mapping and analysis of the search results. You can record, print or copy the results of your search.

 Health promotion & education / 1475 views / Popular

Bioforce offers solutions made for and by those working in the humanitarian sector. The training courses evolve with the humanitarian context to provide you with the most appropriate tools. Thematic areas include: project management, human resource management, humanitarian issues and contexts, finance, logistics and more. course subject Managing solidarity projects Leadership & management Humanitarian program: Managing people and organizations Leadership & management Humanitarian program: Managing finance and funding  Leadership & management

 e-Learning resources / 25 views

A pioneer of open access publishing, BMC has an evolving portfolio of high quality peer-reviewed journals including broad interest titles such as BMC Biology and BMC Medicine, specialist journals such as Malaria Journal and Microbiome, and the BMC Series.

 Health Databases / 383 views

BizLibrary aims to build competent and compassionate future. It ensures every employee has on-demand access to training on the core skills your organization needs to remain competitive. Topics include: business skills, HR compliance, leadership & management, workplace safety and information technology. Course Subject Leadership & management courses Leadership & management HR compliance courses Leadership & management Soft skills courses Workplace safety courses Leadership & management Information technology courses Leadership & management

 e-Learning resources / 28 views

Blood:Water is an agency that partners with African grassroots organizations to address the water and HIV/AIDS crises. It does this this by identifying Africa’s heroes and coming alongside their vision for change. It provides technical, financial, and organizational support so that African civil society organizations have expanded reach and effectiveness in the communities they serve.  Blood: Water funds partners through specific project activities that aim to strengthen systems and to directly respond to community-generated needs or demands. 

 Non-Government Organization / 268 views

 International e-journals / 26 views

 International e-journals / 27 views

 Medicine / 152 views

 Medicine / 179 views

 International e-journals / 22 views

 International e-journals / 31 views

 International e-journals / 28 views

 Women’s health / 408 views


 Medicine / 160 views

BMJ Best Practice provides step-by-step guidance on diagnosis, treatment and prevention of medical conditions, based on robust evidence-based methodology and expert opinion. The tool is used by healthcare professionals in more than 100 countries. Updated daily using robust evidence-based methodology and expert opinion, BMJ Best Practice provides you with access to the very latest clinical information.

 Health Databases / 31 views

 International e-journals / 27 views

 Nutrition / 116 views

BNFC provides up-to-date guidance on prescribing, dispensing, and administering medicines to children, plus legal and professional guidelines. is the only child-focused drug formulary in the world that is both independent, and has rigorous, accredited content creation processes.

 Health Databases / 27 views

BoardVitals strives to bring expert content and a flexible platform designed to match educational needs. It supports the information needs of a medical or nursing school, residency program, health sciences library or hospital. BoardVitals help you to prepare with board-style cases and practice questions on your schedule. Medical content is updated daily to ensure you've got the most relevant knowledge to pass your exam and meet continuing education requirements.     Course Name  Subject  Nursing Board Exam Prep and CE Health workforce & training Medical Student Exam Review Tools Health workforce & training Allied Health Exam Review Guides Health workforce & training Dental Exam Study Guides & Test Prep Health workforce & training Naturopathic Medicine Exam Review for NPLEX Health workforce & training NAPLEX Exam Prep for Pharmacists Health workforce & training Podiatry Exam Review & Study Guides Health workforce & training PANCE/PANRE Online Exam Review & Practice Questions Health workforce & training

 Health workforce & training / 175 views

The Book Citation Index in Web of Science Core Collection connects a library’s book collection to powerful new discovery tools, giving researchers the ability to quickly and easily identify and access the most relevant books. As a part of Web of Science Core Collection, Book Citation Index allows users to search seamlessly across books, journals and conference proceedings to find the information most relevant to their work within one platform.

 Health Databases / 294 views

Boston University is one of the world’s leading research universities and is the fourth-largest private university.  BU offers online courses in a variety of subjects.   title subject The Practitioner’s Guide to Global Health Global health Ethical Leadership: Character, Civility, and Community Leadership & management Leading in the Digital Age Leadership & management

 e-Learning resources / 277 views

BDTD integrates the information systems of theses and dissertations existing in teaching and research institutions in Brazil. It also stimulates the registration and publication of theses and dissertations in electronic media. BDTD, in partnership with Brazilian educational and research institutions, enables the Brazilian C&T community to publish and spread its theses and dissertations produced in brazil and abroad, giving greater visibility to national scientific production. BDTD has some resources in primary health care

 Primary health care / 125 views

 Child health / 113 views

BRIDGE is a specialized gender and development research and information service based in the Gender and Sexuality Cluster at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), in the UK. As part of a global network of individuals and organisations working to advance gender equality, women’s rights, dignity and empowerment in development, we advocate for the crucial importance of a gender perspective in efforts to reduce poverty and promote social justice.

 Health Databases / 39 views

Bridge for Healthcare provides training for healthcare - from patient care and procedures to medical documentation, privacy and patient financial services. Bridge LMS can help you deliver onboarding and training programs that build a safe environment for staff, volunteers and patients alike. Bridge Performance Platform helps you to improve the performance of your employees by aligning their skills to business goals, and developing growth plans where they may have gaps Course Subject Bridge for Healthcare Health services Bridge Performance Platform Leadership & management Skill development Personal development

 e-Learning resources / 43 views

MET & Northbrook College has free online courses on health and social care and mental health awareness.  The online courses are accredited and you can select your area of work or personal interest. Course Name Subject Awareness of Mental Health Problems (Level 2) Mental health & ….. Cleaning Principles (Level 2) Health services Common Health Conditions  (Level 2) Health & well-being Customer Service for Health and Social Care Settings (Level 2) Health services Falls Prevention Awareness (Level 2) Injuries Improving Personal Exercise, Health and Nutrition | Level 2 Nutrition Principles of Care Planning (Level 2) Health planning & management Principles of Dementia Care (Level 2) Mental health &….. Prevention and Control of Infection in Health Care Settings (Level 2) Health services  

 e-Learning resources / 119 views

The Britain Nepal Medical Trust (BMNT) was established by a group of young doctors whose ambition was to do something of value in a country where their medical skills were required.  The charity supports communities to improve their health status, improve access to health services and alleviate poverty. BNMT works with local organizations to help communities to improve health knowledge and to avoid risk of illness, both infectious disease and lifestyle conditions.  Also, the charity develops skills and expertise which increase family income. The impact and learning webpage provides likes to situation reports and evaluations as well as historical achievements of BMNT.

 Non-Government Organization / 83 views

The BAPS was established to raise standards in paediatric surgery through education and research. The work of BAPS is wide-ranging and sub-specialties include:  neonatal surgery; fetal medicine; oncology; trauma and general surgery of childhood. BAPS has educational resources for healthcare and provides useful links for courses and publications on pediatric surgery.

 Non-Government Organization / 175 views

 Oral health / 160 views

 Nutrition / 148 views


 International e-journals / 28 views

 Medicine / 180 views

 International e-journals / 309 views

The NICE British National Formulary is a United Kingdom pharmaceutical reference book that contains a wide spectrum of information and advice on prescribing and pharmacology, along with specific facts and details about many medicines available on the UK National Health Service. The site is available to users in the UK.

 Health Databases / 28 views

British Nursing Index is a database for support of practice, education, and research for nurses, midwives, and health providers in the UK or following UK practice. It provides references to literature in the most relevant nursing and midwifery journals. Also included are relevant nursing articles from selected medical, allied health, community and health management journals. Coverage is mainly titles published in the UK, plus a selection of important international nursing titles

 Health Databases / 29 views

Brown is a leading research university where talented students and accomplished faculty collaborate to blend deep content knowledge across many disciplines to address the defining challenges of a complex and changing world. You can browse free online courses in a variety of subjects. Brown University courses can be audited free or students can choose to receive a verified certificate for a small fee   Course subject The Ethics of Memory Mental health & psycho-social services Beyond Medical Histories: Gaining Insight from Patient Stories Health services Artful Medicine: Art’s Power to Enrich Patient Care Health services

 e-Learning resources / 28 views

BrowZine is a journal collection tool and allows users to build a personal bookshelf of full-text journals. Users can scan issues and retrieve full-text articles; create a free personal account to build a personal bookshelf and to save articles to read leader. The database has a collection of biomedical and health sciences journals including: diseases, health care services, medical practice, medical specialties,  nursing, nutrition, oncology, environmental health, pharmacy, public health, rehabilitation and much more.

 Health Databases / 99 views

BRAC is the largest international non-profit organization and acts as a catalyst, creating opportunities for people living in poverty to realize their potential. The charity is present in Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Liberia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda. Brac brings together different people, including change makers, activists, heroes and mentors, inspired to build a world that works for all of us. The program areas of intervention focus on social development that encompass: resilience (disaster management, climate change, health, nutrition and population); economic development and social protection; education, migration; skills development and community empowerment. The Social Innovation Lab is a cross-disciplinary platform for practitioners to learn about best practices in development, generate ideas and insights, design prototypes, and share knowledge about scalable innovations with the global development community. The research and publication section has many resources including books, monograph series, working papers, research papers and reports.

 Non-Government Organization / 1320 views / Popular

BuildingGreen’s knowledge base delivers rigorous, sustainability thinking, with webcasts and reports that help you break down and explain complex issues — in ways that are not only digestible but actionable. The knowledge base and guidance reaches thousands of design firms, college campuses, teams, and individual professionals, including architectural firms, government agencies, nonprofits, and universities.

 Health Databases / 27 views

Bule Hora University (BHU) was established to play its part in the national efforts of bringing quality and excellence in teaching-learning, research, community services, administrative functions/good governance, connecting the development of cultural and natural resources with technology and its applications. More details:

 Academic institution / 1023 views / Popular

Burns aims to foster the exchange of information among all engaged in preventing and treating the effects of burns. The journal focuses on clinical, scientific and social aspects of these injuries and covers the prevention of the injury, the epidemiology of such injuries and all aspects of treatment including development of new techniques and technologies and verification of existing ones. 

 Injuries / 285 views

Go Further is a public-private partnership between the U.S. PEPFAR, the George W. Bush Institute, UNAIDS, Merck, and Roche. The partnership is implementing a strategy to end cervical cancer and save lives in sub-Saharan Africa. It is committed to creating a healthier future for women. The Go Further partnership aims to reduce new cervical cancer cases by 95 percent among women living with HIV in twelve African countries. The publications section has some resources such as strategic documents, fact sheets, global highlights, articles and technical reports on cervical cancer.

 Non-Government Organization / 376 views

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Reference Center is a full-text database designed to support continuity experts and information professionals. It covers all aspects of business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR), including risk evaluation, emergency preparedness and crisis communications.

 Health Databases / 23 views

Business Source Ultimate includes rigorous curation and indexing of open access journals, which has resulted in a growing collection of active global OA journals. Once validated and certified for inclusion, these OA journals are treated with subject indexing and full-text linking.

 Health planning & management / 87 views

CAB Direct is a thorough and extensive source of reference in the applied life sciences, incorporating the leading bibliographic databases CAB Abstracts and Global Health. CAB Direct provides a convenient, single point of access to all of your CABI database subscriptions.

 Health Databases / 200 views

Produced by CABI, Global Health Archive is a bibliographic database of historical public health and biomedical research from 1910 to 1983. It contains hundreds of thousands of records derived from out-of-print abstract journals, providing historical context to international public health issues.

 Health Databases / 283 views

The Calabar Journal of Health Sciences (CJHS) is publishing articles and reports in the field of medicine, basic medical sciences, public health, climate change impact on health; emerging and re-emerging diseases, community medicine, environmental and occupational health and more.

 Health information systems / 453 views

As the federally designated telehealth resource center, the CTRC offers no-cost, unbiased training and educational resources that help California providers and patients get the most from telehealth. It maintains an ever-expanding list of telehealth focused training courses from multiple sources. courses  subject Telehealth 101: A Quick Start Guide Telehealth Telehealth Coordinator Series Telehealth Telehealth Coordinator Online Training  

 Health information technology & information management / 505 views

CDPO is a membership organization, including persons of diverse disabilities and leaders from the government ministries. It promotes the rights and participation of persons with disabilities and advocates for the rights of persons with disabilities.  CDPO strives to develop the networks of persons with disabilities, working towards their empowerment, their full & equal participation and a life of dignity in society.  The publications section has strategic plan, disability legislation and annual reports of CDPO.

 Non-Government Organization / 346 views

Cambridge Core is the home of academic content from Cambridge University Press. The online platform help readers and researchers to make fast and easy journeys to a vast range of valuable content. Cambridge Core is the place to find valuable, useful and inspirational research and academic information. Subjects available include: environmental science, mass communication, management, nutrition and more.

 Health Databases / 241 views

CAMEO Chemicals Database will help you to find response information for thousands of hazardous materials, including fire and explosion hazards, health hazards, firefighting techniques, cleanup procedures, protective clothing, and chemical properties.

 Health Databases / 312 views

 Medicine / 96 views

 Non-communicable diseases / 261 views

 International e-journals / 27 views

 International e-journals / 22 views

 International e-journals / 23 views

 International e-journals / 27 views

Cancer Research UK is the world’s leading cancer charity dedicated to saving lives through research. Their ground-breaking work into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer has seen survival rates double in the last 40 years. Cancer Research UK’s offers courses on cancer related topics.   courses Talking About Cancer: Reducing Risk, Early Detection and Mythbusting 

 e-Learning resources / 269 views


The CPDB is a single standardized resource of the results of 45 years of chronic, long-term carcinogenesis bioassays. The experiments vary widely in design, histopathological examination and nomenclature, and in the published authors’ choices of what information to publish in their papers. Data are included from experiments reported in the general literature and in the Technical Reports of the National Cancer Institute/National Toxicology Program. Information is given in the CPDB on strain, sex, route of compound administration, target organ, histopathology, author’s opinion about carcinogenicity, and reference to the published paper, as well as quantitative data on statistical significance, tumor incidence, dose-response curve shape, length of experiment, duration of dosing, and dose-rate.

 Non-communicable diseases / 99 views

The Cardiovascular Journal of Africa (CVJA) keeps cardiologists up to date with advances in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease. Topics covered include coronary disease, electrophysiology, valve disease, imaging techniques, congenital heart disease, heart failure, surgery, and basic science.

 Non-communicable diseases / 492 views

 International e-journals / 16 views

 International e-journals / 19 views

CareAcademy provides courses to caregivers, including home and community care professionals, home health nurses, and family care providers. CareAcademy is committed to unlocking the future of quality healthcare by giving home and community caregivers the support and recognition they deserve. Course Subject Nurse courses Health workforce & training Hospice training Health workforce & training Dementia care training Health services

 e-Learning resources / 45 views

CareEpilepsy Ethiopia aims to achieve a better quality of life for people affected by epilepsy in Ethiopia. It encompasses the full spectrum of issues: medical treatment, stigma, and social barriers, well-being, research and strengthening the role of health providers to enable delivery of effective, efficient and quality epilepsy services.

 Local NGO / 664 views

CARE International is a global confederation of member organizations working together to end poverty. Care works around the globe to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice. The publications section has documents on country overviews, emergencies, general information, issue briefs, reports and more

 Non-Government Organization / 195 views

Carers UK supports carers and provides information and advice about caring, influence policy through research based on carers’ real life experiences and campaign to make life better for carers. As the UK's national membership charity for carers, Carers UK is both a supportive community and a movement for change. The news & campaigns page has media center, press releases, news, features, and latest campaigns’ materials.

 Network (Advocacy, Global or NGO) / 191 views

Carers Worldwide is working strategically with unpaid family carers in the global South. The charity draws attention to their needs amongst communities; local, national and international NGOs; service providers; academics; the corporate sector; and local and national Governments across India, Nepal and Bangladesh. The report and publications page disseminates the findings from the charity’s  work which includes the writing of surveys and reports.

 Non-Government Organization / 186 views

CARMMA was launched to trigger concerted action towards improving maternal and newborn health and survival across the continent. The Campaign aims to expand the availability and use of universally accessible quality health services, including those related to sexual and reproductive health that are critical for the reduction of maternal mortality. CARMMA focuses on three key areas: public information and advocacy; replicating best practices of achievements made in reducing maternal mortality in some countries; and intensifying actions aimed at reducing maternal and infant mortality. CARMMA mobilizes increased political commitment and action to reduce maternal mortality in countries that have high rates. The resources section provides free information that give simple, practical advice on issues that will save lives. There are also video resources on maternal, newborn and child survival - even the CARMMA song. More details on Website:

 African Union initiative / 756 views

The CARPHA Evidence Portal is a repository of research, syntheses and Caribbean policy-relevant documents, including clinical, population health and health systems research. The types of syntheses included are evidence briefs for policy, rapid syntheses, systematic reviews, overviews of systematic reviews and economic evaluations. The documents originate from CARPHA (Caribbean Public Health Agency).

 Public health / 418 views

he CDC Foundation helps CDC do more, faster by forging partnerships between CDC and others to fight threats to health and safety. The Foundation mobilizes philanthropic and private-sector resources to support the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s critical health protection work. The CDC Foundation has more than 1,200 health protection programs in the United States and in more than 140 countries.

 Non-Government Organization / 371 views

CDC Stacks is a free, digital archive of scientific research and literature produced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This online archive is composed of curated collections tailored for public health research needs. The repository provides access to current CDC research and literature such as the Open Access Collection. In addition, CDC Stacks offers a historical perspective that was previously not available, such as the first 30 volumes of the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. CDC Stacks is available for public health professionals, researchers, as well as the general public.

 Health Organizations / 388 views

 COVID-19 testing / 613 views

 International e-journals / 26 views

The interview items include different types of qualitative interview guides, social distancing event items, phone interview survey items, patients’ focus group guide and much more. The interview items are compiled by the Center for Drug Use and HIV/HCV Research.   courses  subject COVID19 Interview Items for Vulnerable Populations Infectious diseases/COVID-19 COVID19 Interview Items for Vulnerable Populations Infectious diseases/COVID-19 Gwadz Qualitative Interview Guide Infectious diseases/COVID-19  

 Infectious diseases/COVID-19 / 445 views

Courses Subject Expanding access to evidence-based behavioral health programs Health information/communication EVIDENCE TO PRACTICE: LEARN Health information/communication

 Public health / 193 views

The Center for Evidence-Based Medicine at Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, aims to develop, teach and promote evidence-based health care through a variety of methods so that all healthcare professionals can maintain the highest standards of medicine. The Center provides tools to improve the quality of evidence. The resources help inform health choices for health professionals, patients and the public. These include: presentations, talks, tools, levels of evidence, library, and videos from teaching sessions, conferences and events. Courses  subject  Evidence-Based Health Care Leadership Programme Leadership & management  

 Primary Health Care / 525 views

The Center for Health Protection aims to achieve effective prevention and control of diseases in Hong Kong in collaboration with major local and international stakeholders. It conducts research in communicable disease, non-communicable diseases & health living.  The resources section has e-resources,  publications, videos, photos, and more. The Center’s healthy life courses available include: adolescent health; elderly health; family health & child health; men’s health and women’s health.

 Government health organization / 151 views

CHZ is under the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The Center is responsible for preserving and strengthening the health of the population, social and hygienic monitoring of diseases, epidemiological surveillance and biological safety, group and population prevention of disease, fight against epidemics and strategic management in the field of public health. It has various publications and health promotion materials.

 Government health organization / 99 views

CRH, located in the School of Nursing and Public Health at the University of Kwazulu-Natal, aims to improve the health care offered to impoverished people living in rural and underserved areas. The programs and research areas of the Center include: initiative in newborn care; integrated nutrition; mental health care; HIV/AIDS; health integration into primary care; and maternal and child health service delivery optimization to strengthen the primary health care system in rural South Africa. The resources link has community clinical guidelines, and materials on integrated management of child and adolescent illness, systems support, educational community service and journal articles. More details:

 Other (program/project) / 708 views

CenterWatch is a global leader in providing clinical trials information to professionals working at sponsors, research sites and niche service providers. CenterWatch delivers critical industry insights to life science executives every week through its newsletters, conferences, webinars, books, in-depth market surveys, industry profiles and clinical databases.

 Health Databases / 28 views

CAMJOL is  is a service that provides access to research published in Central America and increases global knowledge of local studies. It is a database of journals published in Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador, covering the full range of academic disciplines. CAMJOL has many research articles on health topics.

 Health Databases / 47 views

CAFS is dedicated to strengthening the capacities of organizations and individuals working in the field of health, HIV & AIDS, population and development to contribute to improving the quality of life of families in sub-Saharan Africa. The Center provides courses and research and consultancy services from offices in Kenya and Togo. The priorities of CAFS are: strengthening the South-South cooperation; partnerships and networks; capacity development; family planning and reproductive health; and resources mobilization. The resources page has reports and publications on different health issues, including HIV /AIDS. More details:

 Non-Government Organization / 737 views

CADRE is a non-profit organization working in the area of HIV/AIDS social research and communications. The work of the charity focuses on: development and management of HIV/AIDS intervention strategies and models; communications programs and materials; qualitative and quantitative socio-behavioral and communications surveys; as well as evaluation of HIV/AIDS interventions. CADRE publishes the African Journal of AIDS Research-AJAR. The publications link provide access to a wide range of contemporary HIV/AIDS behavioral and social research reports, conference papers, communication materials, support to media workers and links on HIV/AIDS for South Africa, the rest of Africa and the world. More details:

 Non-Government Organization / 556 views

CEOHR was formed within the School of Public Health and Family Medicine at the University of Cape Town. The Center is made up of several research programs, reflecting research interests, expertise, and areas of Master and PhD supervision. The thematic areas include: chemical exposures and toxicity; health risk management; pesticides and neurotoxicity; health effects due to toxic metals; silicosis and health effects due to mining exposures; workplace allergens and asthma; as well as violence and injury prevention. CEOHR’s publications and reports section has reports, working papers and policy briefs. More details:

 Academic institution / 668 views

The Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine develops, promotes and disseminates better evidence for healthcare.  The Centre provides resources to help inform health choices for health professionals, patients and the public. These free online resource include: talks, presentations, teaching session videos, podcasts, tools, levels of evidence as well as evidence-based libraries. More details:-

 Academic institution / 479 views

CHP is a multi-disciplinary health policy unit in South Africa and an academic research group . The primary focus of its research is to draw together theoretical insights and empirical evidence in understanding health system change and in proposing strategies for future health systems development. CHP supports and engages with a variety of stakeholders to promote appropriate health policy analyses. The CHP publications and policy briefs are available on the site.   More details:

 Academic institution / 288 views

CHESTRAD is a non-profit social enterprise registered in Nigeria, UK and USA. The programs are initiatives run by CHESTRAD either solely or in collaboration with its partners, with each presenting research, advocacy and evaluation in innovative health systems. With a focus on youth development and the improvement of health access to women, children, and vulnerable communities, the programs adopt evidence based approaches to promote learning, advocacy and accountability for global health development. The publications page has reports on global health issues, presentations and partner publications. More details:

 Social enterprise / 564 views

CIDER is located in the School of Public Health and Family Medicine at the University of Cape Town. The Center works closely with provincial and national government and is involved in a wide range of interdisciplinary research and teaching including: population-level surveillance of infectious diseases interventions, HIV-prevention of mother-to-child transmission, clinical epidemiology of tuberculosis and HIV therapy, socio-behavioral and health systems research. CIDER resources include research reports and working papers. More details:

 Academic institution / 733 views

The Centre for the Mathematical Modelling of Infectious Diseases at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine is a multidisciplinary grouping of epidemiologists, mathematicians, economists, statisticians and clinicians from three faculties of LSHTM.  Within CMMID, mathematical models are used to understand the natural history and epidemiology of infectious diseases, to predict the course of epidemics and to assess different policy options.  CMMID’s research themes include: real-time outbreak analysis; evolutionary dynamics; tuberculosis; computation and inference; elimination and eradication; vaccination; vector-borne diseases; and health economics.  CMMID has publications that bring you latest information about their work. CMMID also runs several courses in mathematical modelling.

 Academic institution / 382 views

CPRDS is a development think tank that engages in robust policy research and development planning to proffer local solutions to development issues. It employs a multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral approach to address policy and knowledge gaps within government, parliament, private sector and civil society that exacerbate current human development indices at the individual, community, national and international levels. The three main areas of focus are: policy research; advocacy and capacity building.   More Details:

 African Health Organizations / 347 views

The CSA&G, based at the University of Pretoria, develops a range of interventions to address the social drivers and the social consequences of AIDS. The Center strives for young people to think critically and rigorously about identities, sexualities, culture and personal and social leadership for active citizenship and effective community engagement and wellness. The publication and resources page has a collection of reference documents, downloads & images on gender-based justice, AIDS reviews and materials on sexual and reproductive health, counseling, human rights, and on CSA&G conferences and meetings. More details:

 Academic institution / 770 views

CAPRISA was founded by the Universities of Natal, Cape Town, and the Western Cape, the Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York, and the National Institute for Communicable Diseases. Its main goals are to research prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS, to build research infrastructure and capacity, and to train more researchers in South Africa. CAPRISA has scientific publications and media including press releases, brochures, posters, videos and podcasts.

 Academic institution / 277 views

Aggregator of the Center for Open Science is a single access point to Polish open access repositories. It provides greater visibility of Polish research output. We invite you to use the aggregator and visit the repositories. Document types include: articles, books, theses, dissertations, review, conference materials, reports and more.

 Health services / 98 views

Couses Subject Patient-centered outcomes research Publication/writing support Knowledge synthesis: Systematic reviews and clinical decision making Publication/writing support

 e-Learning resources / 211 views

CHEMM aims to enable first responders, first receivers, other healthcare providers, and planners to plan for, respond to, recover from, and mitigate the effects of mass-casualty incidents involving chemicals. It provides a comprehensive, user-friendly, web-based resource that is also downloadable in advance, so that it would be available during an event if the internet is not accessible.

 Environmental health / 458 views

 International e-journals / 27 views

 Child health / 107 views

Child development & adolescent studies database is today's source for references to the current and historical literature related to growth and development of children through the age of 21.

 Health Databases / 45 views

The Child Rights Resource Center is the most comprehensive source of information on child rights. Themes include child rights governance, disability inclusion, helth and nutrition and child participation.

 Child health / 354 views

 Child health / 136 views

 International e-journals / 16 views

The website provides statistics and information about children in South Africa. These include: demography, living conditions, care arrangements, basic health care services, nutrition, violence, abuse and protection, housing, education, and access to other services. These child-centered statistics are based on the best available national data. The publications site includes down-loadable fact sheets on 40 indicators, as well as an interactive tool that enables you to view tables and graphs by years, provinces and publications More details:

 Academic institution / 653 views

The Children's Institute takes the best interests of children into account and is aimed at ensuring that children are given primary consideration by society. Thus, the Institute promotes the participation of children in its work, and advocates for their voices to be heard in decisions affecting their lives. Children’s Institute engages in research using interdisciplinary and inter-related thematic areas such as: child poverty and inequality; early childhood development and violence against children to investigate complex social issues. The Institute provides information to those who are advocating on behalf of children and contribute to laws, policies and programs. It is also engaged in own evidence-based advocacy. The publications section has peer-reviewed articles in national and international journals, books and book chapters, research reports and briefs, and policy briefs. The lists of publications include links to either the journal sites, pdfs or the OpenUCT Repository. More details:

 Non-Government Organization / 739 views

AJ is a comprehensive, full-text database of Chinese journals.  The database contains journals starting from 1915. Offered via the China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) platform, CAJ covers all academic journals published in mainland China, with comprehensive access to an impressive range of content in all disciplines, including medicine & Public Health, information science and economics and management.

 Health Databases / 116 views

CRG transforms library access to Chinese resources by combining 40 databases into one package, supported by an accessible and user-friendly English-language portal. The database presents the full spectrum of Chinese research, with comprehensive support for multiple fields of study including medicine and traditional Chinese medicine.

 Health Databases / 99 views

China CDC works on disease control and prevention and public health. Its mission is to create a safe and healthy environment, maintain social stability, ensure national security and promote the health of people through prevention and control of disease, injury and disability. The Center carries out operational researches, and enhances technical instruction, training and quality controls in national disease prevention and control, as well as in public health service. It plays the leading role in disease prevention and control, health emergency response and capacity building of public health information nationwide. China CDC sponsors or co-sponsors 14 academic science journals:

 Government health organization / 95 views

 Medicine / 184 views

The ECSA-HC is an inter-governmental health organization that fosters and promotes regional cooperation in health among member states that are Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mauritius, Eswatini, United Republic of Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Through partnerships with diverse institutions, ECSA’s activities spread to other countries in Africa to address common health challenges facing the region.  The knowledge hub is an interconnected partner platform (national, regional, global)​ with resources and tools to inform implementation​. You can connect with experts and key stakeholders to start/continue dialogues on emerging evidence and implementation priorities.

 Government health organization / 334 views

 Community health care / 465 views

CHWTraining provides health-specific online courses. You can take interactive courses and download useful resources at your own pace. Learning tracks offered include: Core Skills, Chronic Diseases, and Healthy Living. At the end of your self-guided study, CHWTraining will provide assessments and certificates of completion. Courses  Subject Core skills Health workforce & training Chronic illness Health workforce & training Healthy living  Health workforce & training  

 Health workforce & training / 449 views

CINAHL has indexing for thousands of nursing journals and publications. The database contains millions of records. There are searchable cited references for many journals. Full text material includes journals, clinical innovations, critical paths, drug records, research instruments and clinical trials. CINAHL also provides indexing for journals, books and book chapters, dissertations, selected conference proceedings, standards of practice, pamphlets, educational software packages and audiovisual material

 Health Databases / 307 views

CiNii is an archive of medical data in which medical institutions keep the results of the patient's studies, for example, radiographs, cardiograms, laboratory results, etc., to ensure the medical process, including the delivery of the results of the examination to the patient. It is a database of articles, data, books and dissertations published by Japanese authors, published by Japanese publishers or held by Japanese universities.  It is available free of charge for anyone.

 Health Databases / 29 views

Cite Them Right is an online platform designed to advise students on how to reference correctly across eight referencing styles. Based on the best-selling book in its 12th edition, by Richard Pears and Graham Shields, this program is trusted by institutions globally, and accessed by thousands of students daily.

 Health Databases / 43 views

CSEM is the civil society constituent of UHC2030, the global movement to build stronger health systems for universal health coverage (UHC). The CSEM raises civil society voices in UHC2030 to ensure that UHC policies are inclusive and equitable, and that systematic attention is given to the most marginalized and vulnerable populations so that no one is left behind. It aims to do this through influencing policy design and implementation and lobbying for participatory and inclusive policy development and implementation processes. The resources section has e-library, advocacy workshops and online discussions.

 Partnership / 194 views

Class Central aggregates courses from many providers to help you find the best courses on almost any subject, wherever they exist. Courses under the subject of health & medicine include: nutrition & wellness; disease & disorders; public health; health care; nursing anatomy and continuing medical education. courses Subject Public Health Courses and Certifications Public health Nutrition & Wellness Courses Nutrition Disease & Disorders Courses Diseases/disease control Nursing Courses and Certifications Health workforce & training Health Care Courses and Certifications Health services Continuing Medical Education (CME) Courses and Certifications Medicine Understanding Clinical Research: Behind the Statistics Publication/writing support Medicine and the Arts: Humanising Healthcare Health services Improving Healthcare Through Clinical Research Health services

 e-Learning resources / 23 views

The Climate Change & Human Health Literature Portal is an integrated, curated bibliographic database of global peer-reviewed research and gray literature on the science of climate impacts on human health. It provides access to a database of studies published from biomedical, ecological, and geophysical sciences.  You can filter contents by environmental exposure, health impact, geographic location, geographic feature, model/methodology, model timescale, special topic, resource type and year of publication

 Environmental health / 84 views

Clinical Evidence is a resource for informing treatment decisions and improving patient care, published by the BMJ Publishing Group. Developing countries can get free or very low cost access to this resource through the HINARI Programme.

 Health Databases / 30 views

 International e-journals / 395 views

The NIC CKS provides primary care practitioners with a readily accessible summary of the current evidence base and practical advice on best practice. The site is only available to users in the UK, Crown Dependencies and British Overseas Territories.

 Health Databases / 25 views

Clinical trials in the European Union supports the undertaking and oversight of clinical trials in the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA). It is part of a broad initiative to transform the EU/EEA clinical trials environment in support of large clinical trials in multiple European countries, to the benefit of medical innovation and patients. A clinical trial is a study performed to investigate the safety or efficacy of a medicine. For human medicines, these studies are carried out in human volunteers.

 Health Databases / 25 views

Elsevier's ClinicalKey provides resources to help improve clinical practice through informed decisions. The database is a clinical knowledge solution designed to help healthcare professionals and students. It provides the latest evidence across specialties in a variety of formats, including full-text reference books and journals, point-of-care monographs, drug information, videos, practice guidelines, customized patient education handouts and more.

 Health services / 88 views

Elsevier’s ClinicalKey for Nurses provides access to evidence-based information so that nurses and care teams can answer complex questions related to their patients’ conditions. It enables to create a more consistent patient experience based on the current standards of care. With ClinicalKey, nurses and allied health professionals would be able to enhance patient care with resources and drive care consistency among all levels of health professionals.

 Health services / 84 views is a database of privately and publicly funded clinical studies conducted around the world. You can explore research studies in all US states and in different countries. Researchers can search the database to stay up to date on developments in your field, find collaborators, and identify unmet needs.   It is a resource provided by the US National Library of Medicine.

 Systematic review / 84 views

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) database contains many evidence-based Canadian clinical practice guidelines developed or endorsed by authoritative medical or health organizations in Canada. The Infobase provides primary care clinical practice guidelines, research journal, online drug information, and online courses. You can browse by condition, specialty, primary care topic or producer. courses subject Foundations of Physician Wellness Health workforce Coping during COVID-19: expert webinar series Health workforce Managing isolation and building resilience Health workforce  

 Health workforce & training / 451 views

CENTRAL is a concentrated source for bibliographic reports of randomized controlled trials. Created from multiple sources, CENTRAL is a single searchable source for high-quality evidence. It is a highly concentrated source of reports of randomized and quasi-randomized controlled trials. Most CENTRAL records are taken from bibliographic databases (mainly PubMed and, but records are also derived from other published and unpublished sources.

 Health Databases / 22 views

Cochrane Collection Plus is an essential source of high-quality health care data, not only useful for providers and patients, but also for those responsible for researching, teaching, funding and administrating at all levels of the medical profession. The database combines the comprehensive databases from the Cochrane Library, a key resource in evidence-based medicine. This includes: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews; Cochrane Clinical Answers; Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials; and Cochrane Methodology Register

 Health Databases / 33 views

CIVHC strives to empower individuals, communities, and organizations through collaborative support services and health care information to advance the Triple Aim of better health, better care, and lower costs. The Center supports communities, organizations and individuals to identify opportunities to develop and advance innovative approaches to improve the health and well-being of Coloradans. The public data site provides opportunities for health and health care improvement to the Coloradans’ community. The publications section is aimed at serving, engaging, educating, or amplifying Change Agents, thereby highlighting their good work and providing necessary information and tools to help them move forward

 Non-Government Organization / 136 views

Columbia University partnered with Coursera, to offer Massive Open Online Courses MOOCs with the aim to contribute knowledge to the world, enhance teaching on campus by better leveraging technology and media, and showcase the university’s programs and faculty. Known as ColumbiaX on edX, offerings range from MicroMasters, XSeries, Professional Certificates, and individual courses on a variety of subjects taught by top instructors at the University.   Courses subject HI-FIVE: Health Informatics For Innovation, Value & Enrichment (Administrative/IT Perspective) Health informatics HI-FIVE: Health Informatics For Innovation, Value & Enrichment (Clinical Perspective) Health informatics Menstruation in a Global Context: Addressing Policy and Practice Women's health Pediatric HIV Nursing HIV/AIDS Fighting HIV with Antiretroviral Therapy: Implementing the Treat-All Approach HIV/AIDS

 e-Learning resources / 196 views

Columbia University is one of the world's  centers of research and a learning environment for undergraduates and graduate students in many scholarly and professional fields.  You can browse free online courses in a variety of subjects. Columbia University courses found below can be audited free or students can choose to receive a verified certificate for a small fee. Course Subject Menstruation in a Global Context: Addressing Policy and Practice Women’s health Pediatric HIV Nursing Child health Fighting HIV with Antiretroviral Therapy: Implementing the Treat-All Approach HIV/AIDS Traitement antirétroviral pour lutter contre le VIH : mise en œuvre de l'approche « traiter tout le monde »   HIV/AIDS Soins infirmiers en VIH pédiatrique   HIV/AIDS  

 e-Learning resources / 128 views

CommCare has created a space for people to discuss COVID-19 response.  The forum serves to share resources that have been used in their response. It has also webinar recordings and App for health care provider training and monitoring. courses  subject Template App for Health Care Provider Training and Monitoring Infectious diseases/COVID-19 Exporting COVID-19 data for reporting Infectious diseases/COVID-19 COVID-19 Resources Infectious diseases/COVID-19  

 Infectious diseases/COVID-19 / 631 views

Communities at the Heart of UHC is a multiyear global campaign working to leverage political commitments for UHC by promoting community health and its champions from the global to sub-national level, and to track in-country financial commitments to UHC and community health. It supports efforts to strengthen the primary health care system beyond the facility level to increase access to quality health care and services for the hardest-to-reach communities.

 Alliance/Coalition / 156 views

 Community health care / 191 views

 Oral health / 163 views

The Community Health Academy offers free online courses on how to build stronger systems to support the community health workers through national programs. These courses will draw on the World Health Organization’s concept of the six building blocks of effective health systems – leadership and governance, health workforce, service delivery, health information, and supply chain and operations, and health financing, adding in community engagement as a critical component of systems design. Strengthening Community Health Worker Programs | edX Community health care Financing Community Health Programs for Scale and Sustainability | Community Health Academy ( Health care financing  

 e-Learning resources / 746 views

The Community Health Impact Coalition exists to make professionalized community health workers a norm worldwide. The Coalition catalyzes the adoption of high-impact community health systems design by: identifying practices that lead to quality care delivery and accompanying partners to adopt those practices. The Community Health Impact Coalition curates a fortnightly update on newly-released community health worker papers. You can join the thousands of people who are receiving update straight in their inbox. More details :-

 Alliance/Coalition / 482 views

The Community Health Roadmap’s mission is to mobilize new resources to support national priorities for community health, and to support the more efficient use of existing resources through stronger collaboration, coordination and alignment of donor investments. The Roadmap envisions for strong, sustainable health systems at the community level that provide access to quality healthcare for all. The knowledge hub provides comparison tool/metrics, map and country profiles of 15 countries’ community health programs. The resources section has documents on community health, primary health care, costing and financing, policies, guidelines and frameworks, training and presentation materials and other resources.

 Network (Advocacy, Global or NGO) / 328 views

The Community Health Toolkit (CHT) is a project by a group of leading organizations who have come together to support the development of digital health initiatives in the hardest-to-reach areas. It provides a collection of open source technologies and open access design, technical, and implementer resources that help you build and deploy digital tools for community health. Together, we envision a world where healthcare is of the highest attainable quality, equitable, accessible, and delivered by people who are trusted in their communities.

 Program/Project / 598 views

The Community Health toolkit forum focuses on COVID-19 categories of community, development, research, technical support, product, implementation and design.  These categories are for updates, discussions and general development.  If you have questions related to using the Community Health Toolkit in response to COVID-19, you can contact the team. courses  subject  CHT technical support Infectious diseases/COVID-19 COVID-19 Infectious diseases/COVID-19 Research Publications/writing support  

 Diseases/disease control / 672 views

The CHW online training modules include topics on the role of CHWs as a trusted member of the community as well as other primary health-related topics such as high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, breast cancer, cervical cancer, and more courses  subject CHWs & Chronic Conditions Overview Health workforce & training High Blood Pressure & Hypertension Non-communicable diseases Diabetes Non-communicable diseases Asthma Non-communicable diseases Community health worker COVID-19 training modules  AM- Please make it core (not general)  Infectious diseases/COVID-19 Telehealth Basics for CHWs Health information technology & information management  

 Community health care / 502 views

 Health workforce & training / 497 views

CINCO works towards building sustainable community development avenues to improving health, social services and entrepreneurship, disaster relief and advocacy. It designs, implements and evaluates a multi-component evidence based health and environment research and intervention programs that improve the health and socio-economic status of communities. The health area focuses on community health system strengthening, malaria, tuberculosis, MNCH, integrated management of childhood illness, reproductive health and HIV/AIDS. The document library has materials on advocacy and the health focus areas. More details:

 Non-Government Organization / 260 views

CWGH works to enhance community participation in health through advocacy, networking and capacity development for the attainment of the Right to Health and Equitable Health Services in Zimbabwe. Programs focus on: promoting sexual reproductive health rights for young people; strengthening social accountability monitoring and responsiveness; health center committees as vehicle for social participation; strengthening community participation in health; and community monitoring and public accountability for HIV/AIDS resources and service. The resources section has downloadable press statements and other documents. More details:

 Non-Government Organization / 780 views

CRHP works and brings healthcare to rural poor and marginalized people. The organization empowers communities to eliminate injustice through integrated efforts in health and development. CRHP works by mobilizing and building the capacity of communities to achieve access to comprehensive development and freedom from stigma, poverty, and disease. Pioneering a comprehensive approach to community-based primary healthcare, also known as the Jamkhed Model, CRHP has been a leader in public health and development in rural communities in India and around the world. The work of CRHP has been recognized by the WHO and UNICEF and has been introduced to communities around the world. The programs of CRHP focus on: adolescent girls and boys; pre-school; science center; artificial limbs; khadkat demonstration; rehabilitation center; women’s group; farmer’s club; village health workers; Julia hospital; and mobile health teams. Research plan is developed based on priorities of field programs, clinical aspects, and communities’ interests. The plan includes documenting the process and accomplishments of CRHP and the communities, as well as monitoring changes in health and development status. In addition, CRHP provides different types of trainings to build capacity. More details:

 Government health organization / 944 views

CONCERN is working to combat suffering and build resilience in Ethiopia. The charity has established programs which will improve livelihoods, tackle gender equality and increase humanitarian response. Also, CONCERN has maternal and newborn health, WASH and HIV treatment and prevention.

 Ethiopian Health Organization / 709 views

CREHS generates knowledge about how to strengthen health system policies and interventions in ways that preferentially benefit the poorest. The Consortium aims to achieve this aim by working in partnership to develop research; strengthening the capacity of partners to undertake relevant research and of policymakers to use research and communicating findings in a timely, accessible and appropriate manner so as to influence local and global policy development. The publications section provides research reports and working papers. More Details:

 Partnership / 238 views

CCRDA is a non-profit umbrella organization of NGOs and civil society organizations engaged in various development activities including agricultural development and food security, rural and urban development, HIV/AIDS prevention and control, environmental protection and gender mainstreaming.

 International NGO / 467 views

CORHA is  an organizational expression of the determination of NGOs committed to the provision of comprehensive, integrated and sustainable Sexual and Reproductive Health information and services in Ethiopia. CORHA is creating platforms for policy discussion and dialogue, coordinating members’ activities and representing its members in higher level platforms. The Resources section has training manuals, presentation skills, knowledge management, handouts on SBCC and communication materials. More details:

 Local NGO / 631 views

The most comprehensive database for consumer-oriented health content, Consumer Health Complete is designed to help users gain an overall understanding of key topics across the health and wellness spectrum — from mainstream medicine to complementary, holistic and integrated medicine.

 Health Databases / 25 views

Contemporary Research in Disability and Rehabilitation (CRDR) facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration by publishing innovative qualitative and quantitative empirical research germane to disability, rehabilitation counseling, allied health, and other disability-related fields.

 Disability & rehabilitation / 375 views

Continu LMS helps healthcare providers minimize risk, meet compliance standards, and most importantly, improve patient safety. Continu helps you deliver scalable, standardized training. Efficiently onboard medical staff reduce costs, and empower your team to consistently excel in patient care.

 e-Learning resources / 46 views

COOPI has been taking action to improve food security among the most vulnerable groups, The programs of the charity focus on:  water and sanitation; environment and disaster risk reduction; nutrition security and food security

 Ethiopian Health Organization / 378 views

Cordaid Ethiopia’s programs focus on health system strengthening, food security, livelihoods, job creation, women, peace & security, resilience building, disaster risk reduction and humanitarian aid.

 International NGO / 339 views

CORE Group convenes practitioners and public health professionals in global community health to share knowledge, evidence, and best practices, and then translates these into the real world with a direct impact, creating new standards in clinical and public health as it advances dialogue at US and global levels. CORE aims to improve and expand community health practices for underserved populations, especially women, children, and adolescents, through collaborative action and learning. The resources section has resource library, case studies, webinars and conference reports.

 Network (Advocacy, Global or NGO) / 216 views

CORE Group, in collaboration with multiple partner and member organizations, has compiled resources in response to the COVID-19 Outbreak.

 Infectious diseases/COVID-19 / 373 views

Cornerstone helps you to transform your quality of work and patient care. The trainings grow employee skill sets to meet changing workplace and patient’s needs using interactive social, virtual, and mobile tools. You can also develop the skills your healthcare organization needs most with Cornerstone content. Course Subject Leadership and management  Leadership & management Professional skills Personal development Compliance Leadership & management Technology training  Personal development

 e-Learning resources / 48 views

The ProQuest’s Coronavirus Research Database is a collection of journal articles, preprints, conference proceedings, dissertations and more related to COVID-19 and other coronaviruses. The database includes comprehensive research background coverage of past pandemics and epidemics, like MERS and SARS, to give researchers and students context around the current global crisis.

 Infectious diseases/COVID-19 / 97 views

CSIR works to help improve the health of all South Africans. Health projects include TB diagnostic development, technology for better healthcare, air pollution and cancer. To combat the high burden of disease, CSIR researchers develop cost-effective bio-therapeutic and biomedical technologies and health infrastructure in under-resourced areas. In addition, the CSIR focuses on unlocking the value contained in South Africa’s biodiversity and indigenous knowledge to improve food processing technologies and to contribute to food security. The research publications section has materials on CSIR's intervention thematic areas. More details:

 Government health organization / 664 views

Counseling and Therapy in Video: Library provides a firsthand look at the realities of working with clients and the challenges associated with putting theoretical concepts into practice. This series contains many hours of footage from actual therapy sessions, training videos, and reenactments conducted by renowned counseling professionals.

 Health Databases / 29 views

Courses Subject Cancer Prevention Web-Based Activity Non-communicable diseases Child Nutrition and Cooking Nutrition  Disease Screening in Public Health Diseases/disease control Epidemiology: The Basic Science of Public Health Public health  Health Behavior Change: From Evidence to Action Health information/education Easing the burden of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease Non-communicable diseases Health Systems Development: Introduction to Health Systems Health systems How To Boost Your Immune System To Help Resist COVID-19 Infectious diseases/COVID-19 Global Disease Masterclass: Global Disease Distribution Diseases/disease control Office Health A-Z™- Posture, Ergonomics, Vision, Food & More Occupational health & safety SARS-CoV-2 and acute respiratory viral infections Infectious diseases/COVID-19 Stayin’ Alive! First aid in Emergency First aid

 e-Learning resources / 423 views

Course Central is a training institution in the UK and supports professionals to grow and achieve career success.  Course Central courses are designed to equip you with the required knowledge and skill to excel at your workplace or  in your career field.   course Subject Health and fitness courses Health & well-being Caregiver Support Services Training: Preventing the Spread of Infection Health services Personal Hygiene Health & well-being Health and Nutrition Nutrition Nutrition Nutrition Personal Development Personal development

 e-Learning resources / 27 views

CourseBuffet provides online course catalog.  You can find and compare hundreds of free online courses (MOOCs) from over 250 Universities courses Subject Epidemics - the Dynamics of Infectious Diseases Infectious diseases An Introduction to Global Health Global health Improving Global Health: Focusing on Quality and Safety Global health  Intro to Nursing in Healthcare Health workforce & training  The Challenges of Global Health Global health  Global Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Reproductive & sexual health Global Health Cultures Global health  Global Adolescent Health Adolescent health  Global Blindness: Planning and Managing Eye Care Services Eye health 

 e-Learning resources / 261 views offers a collection of free online courses from top educational institutions for anyone to take. Courses in the field of health include: health informatics, healthcare management, nutrition, patient care, public health, research, psychology and more. Course Subject Health informatics courses Health informatics Health care management Leadership & management Nutrition courses Nutrition Patient care Health services

 e-Learning resources / 23 views

 Infectious diseases/COVID-19 / 142 views

 Multimedia on COVID-19 / 131 views

COVID-19 Communication Network is a global resource curated by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.  It is a site for social and behavior change professionals , and other responders in need, to access and share  communication materials, tools and resources to address the COVID-19/ Corona virus pandemic.

 Infectious diseases/COVID-19 / 365 views

Researchers across a wide variety of disciplines at the University of Michigan are using their expertise to address the global COVID-19 pandemic. You will find research FAQs, research re-engagement, research index, funding opportunities, research publications and research news on COVID-19 on this site.

 Infectious diseases/COVID-19 / 342 views

 Infectious diseases/COVID-19 / 373 views

FREE SUPPORT FOR NON-PROFITS AND COMMUNITIES TACKLING COVID-19 TECH VOLUNTEERS FOR YOUR NON-PROFIT PROJECT We are a community of over 1000 tech volunteers supporting Covid-19 efforts worldwide From IT requests for mutual aid groups to organizing tech teams to build Covid-19 projects, we want to remove technical obstacles and pressure during this difficult time.

 Infectious diseases/COVID-19 / 297 views

 COVID-19 Cases, data & surveilance / 398 views

 COVID-19 general information / 202 views

The CDC has determined that COVID-19 (coronavirus) is a serious public health threat—and older adults and people with serious chronic medical conditions, including diabetes, are at a higher risk of getting very sick from it. The American Diabetes Association has resources to help keep you healthy. The resources include education programs, You can also get COVID-19 resources and information for you and patients as well as participate in online forums.

 Infectious diseases/COVID-19 / 507 views

 Community health care / 530 views

 Multimedia on COVID-19 / 822 views

Croatian Digital Theses Repository provides national and university library resources in Croatia. The disciplines include biomedicine and healthcare and natural sciences. Contents in the repository include: student BA and MA theses, dissertations, pre-print papers, peer-reviewed articles, conference papers, research data, books, teaching materials, images, video and audio files, and presentations.

 Health services / 87 views

Cross Catholic Outreach provides material and spiritual blessings to those in need around the world. The variety of programs include child feeding, water, housing, disaster relief, medical services and more.

 Non-Government Organization / 285 views

The Cross River Journal of Medicine facilitates the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge in the field of medicine. The journal publishes information relating to basic medical sciences, medicine, surgery, surgical specialties, dentistry and biomedical sciences.  

 Medicine / 341 views

The Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH) has public health guidelines, articles, newsletters and webinar updates related to COVID-19.

 Infectious diseases/COVID-19 / 361 views

 International e-journals / 214 views

Current Allergy and Clinical Immunology is produced as a service to understanding and communication in the field of allergy. The Journal is the official journal of the Allergy Society of South Africa.

 Non-communicable diseases / 363 views

 Child health / 231 views

 International e-journals / 30 views

 Environmental health / 152 views

Cursa provides free online courses in health, such as nutrition, first aid, anatomy, physiology, physical education and others related to health courses subject Nursing | Free Online Courses with Free Certificate ( Nutrition | Free Online Courses with Free Certificate ( Nutrition First aid | Free Online Courses with Free Certificate ( First aid Anatomy and Physiology | Free Online Courses with Free Certificate ( Medicine Physical education | Free Online Courses with Free Certificate ( Health & well-being Psychology | Free Online Courses with Free Certificate ( Mental health & … Physiotherapy | Free Online Courses with Free Certificate ( Disability & rehabilitation Pharmacology | Free Online Courses with Free Certificate ( Medical supplies Fundamentals of Pharmacology Medical supplies Introduction to the Science of Cancer Non-communicable diseases Alzheimer’s Disease & Dementia Care Mental health & … MalariaX – Defeating Malaria from the Genes to the Globe Communicable diseases

 e-Learning resources / 100 views

Curtin University is Western Australia's most culturally diverse university. Browse free online courses in a variety of subjects. Curtin University courses found below can be audited free or students can choose to receive a verified certificate for a small fee. Select a course to learn more. Course Subject Autism and Neurodiversity: Building Your Child's Strengths   Mental health & … 'Talk to me': Improving mental health and suicide prevention in young adults   Mental health & … Managing Study, Stress and Mental Health at University   Mental health & … Disability and Digital Media: Accessibility, Representation and Inclusion   Disability & rehabilitation

 e-Learning resources / 133 views

 Nutrition / 135 views

DailyMed provides high quality information about marketed drugs.  The website provides health information providers and the public with a standard, comprehensive, up-to-date, look-up and download resource of medication content and labeling as found in medication package inserts. The National Library of Medicine (NLM) provides this as a public service.

 Medical services / 576 views

The Danish Health Authority has a national responsibility for health issues and works to ensure good public health and uniform healthcare services of high professional quality across Denmark, including effective health emergency management.  The publications section has a variety of documents on parenthood, diseases, mental health, child health, maternal health, coronavirus, nutrition, health promotion, non-communicable diseases and much more.

 Government health organization / 162 views

 Medicine / 164 views

 Medicine / 173 views

DART Europe was founded as a partnership of national and university libraries and consortia to improve global access to European research theses. The Portal is managed by UCL Library services and provides access to open access research theses from Universities in European countries.

 Primary health care / 95 views

The Dartmouth Atlas uses Medicare medical data to provide comprehensive information and analysis about national, regional, and local markets. The reports and the research help policymakers, the media, health care analysts and others improve their understanding of the efficiency and effectiveness of our health care system. The website provides access to all Atlas reports and publications, as well as interactive tools to allow visitors to view specific regions and perform their own comparisons and analyses.

 Health services / 81 views

Dartmouth College educates the most promising students and prepares them for a lifetime of learning and of responsible leadership through a faculty dedicated to teaching and the creation of knowledge. Courses Subject Reflections from 40 Years Fighting International Epidemics Public health Strategic Leadership: Impact, Change, and Decision-Making Specialization Leadership & management Introduction to Environmental Science Specialization Environmental health Superbosses: Managing Talent & Leadership Leadership & management Decision-Making: Blending Art & Science Leadership & management Lessons on Wisdom: Personal Leadership for Your Life Leadership & management Why Smart Executives Fail: Common Mistakes & Warning Signs Leadership & management Bridging the Gap between Strategy Design and Delivery Leadership & management

 e-Learning resources / 26 views

NICHD DASH is a free public resource designed for the scientific research community. DASH is a centralized resource that allows researchers to share and access de-identified data from studies funded by NICHD. DASH also serves as a portal for requesting biospecimens from selected DASH.

 Health Databases / 29 views

The Data Citation Index provides a single point of access to quality research data from global repositories across disciplines. Descriptive records are created for data objects and linked to literature articles in the Web of Science.

 Health Databases / 276 views

DataCite search is a web interface where you can explore the complete collection of publicly available DataCite DOIs. You can search, filter, cite results, push them to your ORCID profile, and more! DataCite Search is open to the whole community. It is particularly designed to showcase the possibilities of the DataCite API and its metadata, while serving the community as a central search platform.

 Health Databases / 27 views

DataMed is an archive of medical data in which medical institutions keep the results of the patient's studies, for example, radiographs, cardiograms, laboratory results, etc., to ensure the medical process, including the delivery of the results of the examination to the patient. It is a prototype biomedical data search engine. Its goal is to discover data sets across data repositories or data aggregators

 Health Databases / 26 views

De Gruyter is an independent academic publisher disseminating scholarship since 1749. The collection subjects include: medicine, life sciences, pharmacy, public health and much more.

 Health Databases / 25 views

Deakin University MOOCs are delivered through FutureLearn, a social learning platform at the forefront of online education delivery   Courses Subject Food and Mood: Improving Mental Health Through Diet and Nutrition Infant Nutrition: from Breastfeeding to Baby's First Solids Child health Introduction to Nutritional Psychiatry: Nutri-Psyche Nutrition Diabetes Education Non-communicable diseases Digital Learning Leadership Leadership & management Innovation and Leadership Leadership & management Innovation and Organizational Change Leadership & management Patient Flow Management Health services Patient Journey and System Design Health services Preparing for Research Publication/research support Promoting Human and Planetary Health: Tools for a Sustainable Future Health promotion Skill Up To Lead Culturally Diverse Teams Leadership & management Coaching Skills: Sports Coaching and Leadership

 e-Learning resources / 132 views

DMUJIDS is an interdisciplinary journal that aims to contribute knowledge to the academic world by publishing original research works from various disciplines including agriculture, health, business and humanities. DMUJIDS addresses both theoretical and empirical problems related to the areas of study aforementioned.

 General information / 214 views

 Global health / 133 views

The Deerfield Foundation strives to improve health, accelerate innovation and promote human equity. The Foundation has formed numerous partnerships and invested in the advancement of children’s health

 Non-Government Organization / 453 views

 Public health / 135 views

 Oral health / 93 views

 International e-journals / 24 views

 International e-journals / 21 views

Dentistry & Oral Sciences Source is a full-text research database for dental practitioners and researchers. It offers top dental and oral sciences journals commonly purchased by dental schools and related institutions. Subjects include: dental public health, pediatric dentistry and more.

 Non-Government Organization / 114 views

Bates’ Visual Guide delivers head-to-toe and systems-based physical examination techniques for the assessment or introduction to clinical medicine course. The site features video content for students and faculty in medical, nursing, and related programs. It provides careful attention to clinical accuracy, as well as the range of patient types profiled in the series    

 Health Databases / 100 views

Dermatology Australasia is the leading skin cancer and dermatology training provider. It aims to engage, educate and inspire excellence in the community of professionals involved in skin cancer and dermatology care in Australia. The dermatology courses increase understanding of skin diseases commonly seen in primary care for General Practice course portfolio with certificates for GPs, GPs registrars, prevocational doctors, and nurse practitioners.   course subject Aboriginal health workers course – taking care of skin  Skin diseases

 e-Learning resources / 86 views

Desire2Learn is an online learning platform that provides tools for engaging and managing the entire learning experience, so people can create and deliver effective online courses   Course Subject Promoting Public Health in Michigan in the Face of COVID-19 Infectious diseases/COVID-19 CRADLE: Canadian Remote Access for Dementia Learning Experiences Non-communicable diseases COVID-19 Course for Leaders, Educators, Learners and General Public Infectious diseases/COVID-19 Infection Control for Caregivers and Families Diseases/disease control

 e-Learning resources / 25 views

Dessie Health Science College has been providing various health-related training to health professionals, and has contributed to the production and deployment of graduates in the country. Currently,  the College provides courses on variety of disciplines including: clinical nursing, midwifery, and anesthesia

 Academic institution / 328 views

 Child health / 110 views

 Non-communicable diseases / 543 views

 Non-communicable diseases / 128 views

 International e-journals / 26 views

 International e-journals / 27 views

DSM-5-TR features current text updates based on scientific literature with contributions from more than 200 subject matter experts. In addition, DSM-5-TR includes a comprehensive review of the impact of racism and discrimination on the diagnosis and manifestations of mental disorders.

 Health Databases / 32 views

DiTA is the Diagnostic Test Accuracy database, a free database that indexes primary studies of diagnostic test accuracy and systematic reviews of diagnostic test accuracy studies related to physiotherapy practice. DiTA has been designed to enable clinicians, researchers and patients to easily access information on the accuracy of diagnostic tests used by physiotherapists. For each indexed study or review, DiTA provides citation details, abstracts and links to full-text. DiTA is produced by the Institute for Musculoskeletal Health, School of Public Health at The University of Sydney and is hosted by Neuroscience Research Australia.

 Disability & rehabilitation / 94 views

 Multimedia Ethiopia / 146 views

The Digital Commons Network brings together free, full-text scholarly articles from hundreds of universities and colleges worldwide. Curated by university librarians and their supporting institutions, the Network includes a growing collection of peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, dissertations, working papers, conference proceedings, and other original scholarly work.

 Health Databases / 110 views

 International e-journals / 241 views

Digitised Diseases is an open access resource featuring human bones which have been digitised using 3D laser scanning, CT and radiography. The resource focuses on a wide range of pathological type specimens from archaeological and historical medical collections, specifically examples of chronic diseases which affect the human skeleton for which many of the physical changes are often not directly observable within clinical practice.

 Health Databases / 43 views

DOAB is a community-driven discovery service that indexes and provides access to scholarly, peer-reviewed open access books and helps users to find trusted open access book publishers. All DOAB services are free of charge and all data is freely available.

 Health Databases / 422 views

Disability, CBR and Inclusive Development aims to enhance knowledge in the field of disability and inclusive development, addressing the needs of practitioners, policy makers, DPOs and the scientific community. The scope of the journal includes research articles, reviews, case studies, and perspectives related to disabilities, rehabilitation programs, and efforts towards creating inclusive environments and opportunities for individuals with disabilities. It is published by the University of Gondar, Ethiopia.

 Ethiopian Journals / 52 views

The Disaster Research Center is committed to advancing the state of the art in disaster research and ts scientifically guided practice; educating the next generation of disaster science scholars and informed practitioners in the fields of disaster mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery; and creating, gathering, and disseminating disaster knowledge in a dynamic and responsive way.

 Disaster management & emergency service / 527 views

The Disease Daily is created by a team of medical doctors, public health professionals and veterinarians who believe that infectious disease news should be accessible and comprehensible to everyone. As a publication from HealthMap, The Disease Daily has access to real-time reporting of infectious disease events all over the world. While HealthMap alerts the community to the outbreaks, The Disease Daily puts those alerts into context, showing readers the impact of infectious disease on policy, economics, and community.

 Non-Government Organization / 321 views

 International e-journals / 23 views

Distance Learning has a wide range of courses and you can study anywhere at any time.  The courses help you develop your skills through on-going support. Course Name Subject Understanding Cancer Support Non-communicable diseases Understanding Mental Health First Aid and Mental Health Advocacy in the Workplace Mental health & psycho-social services Introduction to Health, Social Care and Children’s and Young People’s Settings Health & well-being Caring for the Elderly Elderly health Understanding Personal Care Needs Health services Working with People with Mental Health Needs Mental health & psycho-social services Safe Handling of Medication Medical supplies Understanding Nutrition and Health Nutrition Children and Young People’s Mental Health Mental health & psycho-social services Care and Management of Diabetes Non-communicable diseases Understanding Autism in a Health Care Setting Disability & rehabilitation Prevention and Control of Infection in Health Care Settings Health services Principles of Dementia Care Mental health & psycho-social services Introducing Caring for Children & Young People Child health Common Health Conditions Health & well-being Understanding Behaviour that Challenges Health communication Mental Health Problems Mental health & psycho-social services Understanding Stress Mental health & psycho-social services Understanding Leadership   Understanding Depression Mental health & psycho-social services Understanding Anxiety Mental health & psycho-social...

 e-Learning resources / 107 views

DiVA portal is a common finding tool for all publications that have been registered and published with each DiVA member. The purpose of DiVA is to disseminate research and other publications openly available to the world. The different types of publication in DiVA content include: article in journal, dissertation, book, dataset, chapter in book, conference paper, artistic output, report and student thesis.

 Primary health care / 151 views

Doane University MOOCs offers free online courses in a variety of subjects. Doane University courses found can be audited free or students can choose to receive a verified certificate for a small fee. Select a course to learn more. Courses Subject Fundamentals of Advocacy in Health Policy Health advocacy Health Informatics Technology in Population Healthcare Analytics Health information technology & information management Population Health: Disease Prevention and Management Diseases/disease control Strategic Leadership in Healthcare Leadership & management Healthcare Organization and Delivery Models Health services

 e-Learning resources / 225 views

Docebo helps every healthcare audience learn, grow, and thrive. This platform allows you to meet healthcare professionals where they are and get you to where you want to go.

 e-Learning resources / 37 views

searchable database of disease characteristics and test accuracies that lets you keep all that information on hand. The database has population data that could be viewed by individual diseases.

 Health Databases / 447 views

The Doctors of the World network has more than 400 programs in over 80 countries. The vision of the charity is a world where barriers to healthcare have been overcome and where healthcare is acknowledged as a fundamental right. It works to ensure states uphold their commitments to provide equal and equitable access to quality healthcare services and medicines for everyone. The activities of Doctors of the World include: providing urgent medical care; giving mental healthcare to refugees and strengthening health systems in west Africa to meet the health needs of vulnerable people globally. The media and publications page has reports and publications, latest news and opinions and more.

 Non-Government Organization / 147 views

Docuseek streams essential independent, social-issue and environmental films to colleges, universities and K-12 schools, providing exclusive access to content from renowned leaders in documentary film distribution.  It provides access to streaming documentary films on a wide range of health related issues and  environmental studies.

 Health Databases / 23 views

Dorcas strives to create a system of mutual care and prosperity with youth at the fore. Dorcas is active in Ethiopia to ensure the most vulnerable in society don't get left behind. The charity’s work focuses on bringing concrete livelihoods opportunities to both rural and urban communities in a bid to close the poverty gap - and create a much-needed sense of stability in uncertain times.

 International NGO / 280 views

 International e-journals / 28 views

 International e-journals / 28 views

DrugBank Online is a comprehensive, free-to-access, online database containing information on drugs and drug targets. As both a bioinformatics and a cheminformatics resource, we combine detailed drug (i.e. chemical, pharmacological and pharmaceutical) data with comprehensive drug target (i.e. sequence, structure, and pathway) information. DrugBank Online is widely used by the drug industry, medicinal chemists, pharmacists, physicians, students and the general public.

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The LactMed database contains information on drugs and other chemicals to which breastfeeding mothers may be exposed. It includes information on the levels of such substances in breast milk and infant blood, and the possible adverse effects in the nursing infant. Suggested therapeutic alternatives to those drugs are provided, where appropriate. All data are derived from the scientific literature and fully referenced. A peer review panel reviews the data to assure scientific validity and currency.

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Duke University offers a free online public health course with a focus on global health. The Challenges of Global Health course focuses on identifying the problems that impact populations on a global scale. It also strives to identify the cause of health concerns and focuses on solutions that may assist in preventing problems in the future.   Courses Subject Tropical Parasitology: Protozoans, Worms, Vectors and Human Diseases Diseases/disease control Impact Measurement & Management for the SDGs Sustainable development goals (SDGs) Introductory Human Physiology Medicine The Brain and Space Medicine

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DynaMed combines the evidence-based information, expert guidance and a user-friendly, personalized experience to deliver accurate answers fast at the point of care. The resources include practice-changing updates, recommendations, drug content, multimedia and more.

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Dynamic Health is an evidence-based tool designed to help nurses and allied health professionals master skills, obtain fast answers to questions and foster a culture of evidence-based practice and critical thinking leading to improved patient outcomes

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EAS Journal of Anesthesiology and Critical Care publishes in clinical specialties of an aesthesia, intensive care, and emergency medicine like anesthetic administration, pain management, critical care, pediatric anesthesia, obstetric anesthesia, clinical and experimental research, anesthetic mechanisms, administration and efficacy, technology and monitoring etc. The Journal is published by East African Scholars Publisher, Kenya.

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EAS Journal of Dentistry and Oral Medicine publishes in all the fields of dentistry and their applied fields like oral and maxillofacial radiology, oral medicine, oral pathology, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, dental treatment, public health dentistry and much more related and applied fields. The Journal is published by East African Scholars Publisher, Kenya

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EAS Journal of Nursing and Midwifery publishes empirical and conceptual findings in the fields of nursing and shares the same globally. The scope of the journal includes: nursing education & practice, primary care, community health nursing, public health nursing, maternal and child health, nursing leadership and management, women’s health, nursing informatics, healthcare policy and advocacy and much more. The journal is published by East African Scholars Publisher, Kenya.

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EAS Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences publishes in the fields of nutrition and food sciences and their applied antioxidants and phytochemicals in food, food processing technology, calorie intake and consumption, carbohydrates and fibers, clinical nutrition, diets and diseases, eating disorders, food safety and hygiene, malnutrition, maternal and infant nutrition, obesity, public health nutrition and much more. The Journal is published by E