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Advocacy and Partnerships

This thematic area of the institute is responsible for the advocacy of Primary health care as a tool for achieving universal health coverage and developing and maintaining partnerships with stakeholders that share our vision. IPHC-E was founded on the belief that primary health care is the cornerstone of a resilient and evidence-based healthcare system that lays the groundwork for universal health care. This thematic area aims to achieve the goals by highlighting best practices, forming partnerships with organizations that share our objectives, and advocating for increased healthcare funding. It is also in charge of the institute’s and other similar organizations’ PHC.

Advocating for Primary Health Care is the driving force behind realizing the dream of Universal Health Coverage by 2035.

IPHC-E contributes to the global advocacy for Universal Health Coverage (UHC) through PHC to facilitate buy-in from policymakers, donors, stakeholders, and community organizations towards establishing resilient PHC programs. It plays a pivotal role in advocating the implementation of new reform policies that support the reorganization of health services, strengthening of management, an increase in funding, reduction of inequities, and responding better to the need of the global population.

As part of our efforts to bring PHC to the forefront of all discussions on, health care systems design, development, and strengthening, IPHC-E works with a multitude of stakeholders by creating partnerships to create a synergetic effort.

Specific Objective 1
Advocate PHC as a means to achieve UHC at national and international levels.
Specific Objective 2
Create/strengthen partnership and collaboration with different stakeholders and countries with similar objectives in advocating and strengthening PHC as a tool for UHC

Primary Activities

  • Discussion and networking forums
  • Webinars, workshops, and other virtual events
  • Preferred entry into Community Health Academy and IPHC-E course cohorts and blended learning opportunities
  • Collaborative projects, joint research, and publications
  • In-person workshops or exchange visits

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