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Welcome to the Resource Center page. Here you will find resources to help you navigate the vibrant primary health care, community health, public health and related disciplines. To get started, you can fill in a key word on the blank search bar below and click ‘search listings’. Alternatively, you can search by a specific ‘specialized webpage’ within the Resource Center listings. Once you select the webpage, you can further narrow the scope of your search to limit to a ‘subject category’..

The IPHC-E Resource Center is building a global hub of resources relating to primary health care (PHC) to share knowledge, information and promising practices. To this end, the Resource Center serves as an online repository of learning and resource sharing in primary health care. The Center has pulled together key resources and is comprised of various websites and webpages to increase knowledge and to inform healthcare professionals, health program designers and implementers, policy makers, researchers, managers and anyone else working in, or interested in primary health care.

In addition, the profiles of organizations, network groups, campaigns, programs and other entities working on PHC thematic areas at national, regional and global levels are included with external links to their websites and resources. You will also find links to research, evidence-based practices and innovations to help you learn the latest developments in PHC implementation.

It is hoped that the curated resources will enable you to play an essential role to transform primary health care and to enhance the health of communities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a book?

To search the library catalog, connect to the Catalog.   If you are a registered user and onsite, you can also connect to the Library. In both cases, you can choose to search by author, subject/keyword, title or shelf-mark.

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How do I find journals?

Search the Catalog to find available print journals onsite. Connect to the Journal webpage for freely available online journals from multiple websites.

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How do I find articles on a topic?

Use the Catalog’s advanced search to find eJournal articles

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How can I be a member?

Membership can be obtained by completing a registration/application form.

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What are the Resource Center’s hours?

The Center provides a walk-in service for the public on weekdays: mornings 9am-12pm and afternoons 2pm-4pm on first-come first served basis.

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How do I contact a Resource Center advisor?

Contact the IPHC-E RC staff for any assistance at

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Latest Resources

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