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About IPHC-E Resource Center

IPHC-E-Resource Center is a unique source of information on primary health care, community health, public health, and related fields. The Resource Center is available to the Institute’s trainees, trainers, health program designers, health implementers, policymakers, students, and anyone else working in, or interested in, these areas.

IPHC-E Resource Center is a unique source of information on primary health care, community health, public health and related fields. The Resource Center is available to the Institute’s trainees, trainers, health program designers, health implementers, policy makers, students and anyone else working in, or interested in, these areas.

The objective of IPHC-E Resource Center is to systematically collect, archive and disseminate useful information on recent advances in primary health care. By doing so, the RC contributes to:
Serving as a knowledge hub for information about primary health care
Increasing the knowledge base of users
Facilitating information exchange
Building the capacity of partner institutions through information.

Resources available in the Resource Center are mainly electronic materials and will serve the needs of users.


There are e-books, e-book chapters and some books in the area of primary health care, public health and related disciplines. Some of the information is accessible only onsite. The main subject categories in primary health care fall under: primary health care; community health care; diseases/disease control; communicable diseases; non-communicable diseases; mental health & psycho-social services; injuries; neglected tropical diseases (NTD); nutrition; women’s health; child health; mother, newborn and child health (MNCH); men’s health; adolescent health; elder health; refugee & immigrant health; disaster management & emergency services; reproductive & sexual health; traditional health care & alternative therapies; disability & rehabilitation; medical services; health information technology & information management; health planning & management; environmental health; occupational health & safety; health workforce & training; health communication/information; health promotion & education; health services; urban health and rural health. Under community development category, the topics covered are: energy; water, hygiene and sanitation (WASH); gender and development; and food production & agriculture. The IIfPHC-E Resource Center’s Institutional Repository has a collection of government strategy and policy documents, training manuals, reports and workshop proceedings of IIfPHC-E and other community organizations; mainly Ethiopian Ministry of Health and Ethiopian Public Health Institute.

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Ethiopian, African and international online e-journals are available in the RC. More than one thousand journals were collected and categorized by subjects for ease of use. Furthermore, the RC acquires some journals on Ethiopia.

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Main health databases in primary health care thematic areas and in the field of public health and related disciplines are organized by the RC. You will find general reference and specialized online databases to help you make your search and publication.

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Directory of Health Organizations

Health organizations, network groups, campaigns, programs and other entities working on health and PHC thematic areas at national, regional and global levels are included with external links to their websites and resources. Kindly visit the main sites of the author organizations for more complete and updated information.

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Some multimedia resources on the health extension program of Ethiopia and primary health care services of other low and middle income countries available in this specialized webpage. There are also multimedia from international sources with focus on primary health care, community health, health system, health service delivery, and more.


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Guidelines and Policies On How To Use The Resource Center

The IPHC-E Resource Center is available to anyone via the Internet. The Resource Center, located at EPHI National Training Center also provides a walk-in service for the public on weekdays: mornings: 9 am – 12 pm and afternoons: 2 pm – 4 pm.

Membership can be obtained by completing a registration/application form.

Loans are made for staff, trainers, trainees and Resource Center members. Books and journals are allowed for a period of two weeks with overdue fines of Ethiopian Birr (ETB) 1.00 a day for one week, ETB 2 a day for 2 weeks and ETB 3.00 a day for 3 weeks. Reference materials cannot be removed from the Resource Center.

For times required beyond the normal loan period renewal is possible provided another user has not reserved the material in advance. Renewal may be arranged via the Integrated Library Management System of the Catalog webpage.

Members have to pay for resources lost or damaged while in their possession.
For more information please contact the Resource Center Advisor at

The IPHC-E Resource Center aims to create links between libraries and resource centers whose objectives are the same or related. In this way, users can be served more efficiently by providing links to the resources available in other organizations. The Resource Center has developed ‘Resource sharing policy’ and ‘Inter library loan policy‘ to facilitate information exchange and resource sharing culture.Interested organizations may contact the Resource Center staff at or 251 118 279 947 For resource sharing arrangement.

The IPHC-E Resource Center follows the ‘Open Access’ movement. See IPHC-E’s Open Access Policy for more information. The open access documents include: strategies, guidelines, reports, presentations, conference/workshop proceedings, research papers and unpublished work from IPHC-E and partner organizations. Where possible, full text material is provided for the purpose of free access without charge. All materials under the Repository are provided “as is” and the Resource Center does not make any warranties or representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any such materials. You are permitted to read, download and print for non-commercial purposes and for any other lawful non-commercial purpose. You must give appropriate credit to the attribution parties.

The IPHC-E Resource Center has developed a number of policies on terms of use. Please see the Center’s ‘Content use policy’; ‘Content policy’; ‘Collection policy’ ;’Institutional Repository policy‘ and ‘IR License Agreement‘ to Deposit items.

Complaints about the inclusion of an item in the Resource Center should be sent in writing to Please include your full contact details, the bibliographic details of the item and the reason for the complaint.

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