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On this page, you will find open access e-Learning resources for your research, training, and personal and continued professional development needs. The websites include free online education resources from the world’s leading universities and public health schools that promote the Open Education Resources (OER) movement. OER are openly licensed online educational materials that are free to download, use, reuse, and modify as long as you adhere to the Creative Commons conditions. There are also selections of Massive Open Online Courses (also known as MOOCs) and course materials (presentations, videos, reading lists, visual aids, articles) that are open to use.

EPHA is a voluntary, multidisciplinary association of professionals with varying categories and levels of background and positions at different private, government and non-governmental organizations. EPHA aims for its members to participate in training and workshops to foster conscious professional development. Course Subject Public Health Development Public health  TB, HIV & DR-TB Communicable diseases Mother and Child Health Mother & child health  Emergency care Emergency services  ICT & Data Information technology & information management

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The EAA CPD Center is a recognized and accredited institution approved by the Ministry of Health. The center provides comprehensive and specialized training programs tailored to individuals seeking to strengthen their skills and knowledge.  Online courses include TB, leprosy, obstetric anesthesia and more Course Subject TB treatment  Tuberculosis TB prevention and control Tuberculosis TB and HIV management Tuberculosis Childhood TB Tuberculosis TB case finding Tuberculosis Leprosy dx and management Leprosy Drug resistance TB Tuberculosis Basics of tuberculosis Tuberculosis Anesthesia management for patient with malaria infection  Malaria Obstetric anesthesia Health services ECG interpretation  Health services

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Continu LMS helps healthcare providers minimize risk, meet compliance standards, and most importantly, improve patient safety. Continu helps you deliver scalable, standardized training. Efficiently onboard medical staff reduce costs, and empower your team to consistently excel in patient care.

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Auzmor Learn is a robust learning management solution that lets you easily assign training and track employee progress. Auzmor provides LMS and employee experience that keeps your teams learning and connected.  It helps business growth and revolutionize the future of technology. Employee development Compliance training Increase customer confidence training Partner training

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Bridge for Healthcare provides training for healthcare - from patient care and procedures to medical documentation, privacy and patient financial services. Bridge LMS can help you deliver onboarding and training programs that build a safe environment for staff, volunteers and patients alike. Bridge Performance Platform helps you to improve the performance of your employees by aligning their skills to business goals, and developing growth plans where they may have gaps Course Subject Bridge for Healthcare Health services Bridge Performance Platform Leadership & management Skill development Personal development

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Kallidus Learn has a user-friendly LMS and development tools for healthcare, which makes compliance easy.  The site upskill health care teams to ensure they always provide best, safest patient care. Course Subject Satisfy Compliance Health services Bespoke digital learning Health workforce & training Improved Learning Retention Leadership & management

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LearnWorlds for healthcare enhances your healthcare service with elearning. The platform creates engaging, interactive, personalized online continuous education programs and elevate patient care. You can also create, organize and customize your content within a course on LearnWorlds.

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Symplr provides healthcare CQS solutions, a path to compliance, quality and safety Course Subject Data management solutions Health information technology & information management Workforce management  Leadership & management Contract management  Leadership & management Spend management  Leadership & management Compliance, quality & safety Leadership & management Talent management  Leadership & management

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Tovuti’s health learning management system creates an audit trail that’s easily searchable and provides instant access to granular information that supports compliance and regulatory requirements. It helps you to create courses, easily update them, automate enrollments and notifications, use data to improve your training effectiveness, and always stay on top of compliance.

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MedTrainer’s compliance platform brings together learning, credentialing, and compliance documentation to help community health center team spend more time with patients. Course subject Risk Management for Women of Reproductive Age Health services Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention Leadership & management Medical Emergencies – ProACLS Advanced Cardiac Life Support Emergency services Alzheimer Disease and Related Dementias Mental health & psycho-social services Providing Assessments to Individuals at Risk for Suicide Mental health & psycho-social services

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Cornerstone helps you to transform your quality of work and patient care. The trainings grow employee skill sets to meet changing workplace and patient’s needs using interactive social, virtual, and mobile tools. You can also develop the skills your healthcare organization needs most with Cornerstone content. Course Subject Leadership and management  Leadership & management Professional skills Personal development Compliance Leadership & management Technology training  Personal development

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Docebo helps every healthcare audience learn, grow, and thrive. This platform allows you to meet healthcare professionals where they are and get you to where you want to go.

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CareAcademy provides courses to caregivers, including home and community care professionals, home health nurses, and family care providers. CareAcademy is committed to unlocking the future of quality healthcare by giving home and community caregivers the support and recognition they deserve. Course Subject Nurse courses Health workforce & training Hospice training Health workforce & training Dementia care training Health services

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The Relias LMS provides healthcare workforce enablement and education solutions. It allows you to manage your training and improving performance, compliance and outcomes. Course Subject Professional development for health care Personal development Personalized, data-driven learning for OB clinicians Health workforce & training Continuing education to improve care outcomes Health workforce & training Clinical development  Health workforce & training

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Talent LMS provides training to employees and medical staff in the healthcare industry. The Talent Library has a collection of ready-made courses, authored by experts, coving the skills your teams need for success at work. Course Subject Project management training essentials  Leadership & management Marketing training essentials Leadership & management Human resources training essentials Leadership & management Leadership training essentials Leadership & management  

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