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Ethiopian Journals

Here you will find freely available online Journals from multiple websites that cover a wide range of research articles and information on the thematic areas of primary health care, public health, and related disciplines from Ethiopia, the rest of Africa, and beyond. The Resource Center has curated these Journals and has given the external links for ease of use. The majority of the Journals in the list offer full-text versions while some others have hybrid open access articles. Please check the copyright notice and terms of use when using the resources.

Posted 3 months ago

 Non-communicable diseases / 36 views

Posted 4 months ago

IKDS is an open access journal. It’s scope and thematic areas include multi- disciplinary subjects like indigenous knowledge, health, science, agriculture, economic development, human and social...

 Traditional health care & alternative therapies / 158 views

Posted 4 months ago

The Ethiopian Journal is a multidisciplinary journal that publishes articles in the areas of: hydrology & integrated water resources management; agriculture water management; climate change,...

 Ethiopian Journals / 62 views

Posted 4 months ago

Ethiopian Journal of Environment and Development (EJED) publish papers that focus on sustainable development by maintaining a balance on the environment. The Journal creates forum for...

 Sustainable development Goals / 83 views

Posted 4 months ago

AJST publishes the most recent trends in Science and Technology, including research findings from natural sciences, and medical and health sciences.  The Journal is an open-access...

 Ethiopian Journals / 170 views

Posted 1 year ago

Momona Ethiopian Journal of Science (MEJS) publishes articles in science fields mainly related to earth science, physical sciences, chemical sciences, biological sciences and computational sciences. The...

 Health sciences / 251 views

Posted 1 year ago

Journal of Science and Sustainable Development (JSSD) provides a publication of articles in all subject areas covering, but not limited to, Natural Sciences, Agriculture, Technology...

 Sustainable development Goals / 241 views

Posted 1 year ago

Journal of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (JAES) publishes articles on general agriculture and environmental sciences. The Journal focuses on new methods and technologies that contribute...

 Environmental health / 296 views

Posted 1 year ago

Ethiopian Journal of Science and Sustainable Development (EJSSD) is a cross-disciplinary journal in nature.  It publishes research results in the field of health, sustainable development,...

 Sustainable development Goals / 462 views

Posted 1 year ago

Ethiopian Journal of Reproductive Health (EJRH) publishes original research, review articles and commentaries covering the latest advances in reproductive health. The journal is a publication...

 Reproductive & sexual health / 316 views

Posted 1 year ago

Ethiopian Journal of Agricultural Sciences (EJAS) publishes scientific research, both basic and applied, with far reaching implications for Ethiopian agriculture. The Journal publishes papers that...

 Ethiopian Journals / 415 views

Posted 1 year ago

African Journal of Health Sciences and Medicine provides access to research dissemination in all health research petinent to public health, clinical medicine and biomedical sciences....

 Health sciences / 340 views

Posted 3 years ago

The Ethiopian Journal of Public Health and Nutrition publishes scholarly articles in the various public health issues and related fields of study. The journal is...

 Public health / 1831 views / Popular

Posted 4 years ago

The Science, Technology and Arts Research (STAR) Journal contributes to further the scientific knowledge related to the field of science, technology and arts. The journal...

 General information / 635 views

Posted 4 years ago

OMO International Journal of Sciences publishes a peer-reviewed original research, critical reviews, technical notes, articles and short communications in various fields of natural and computational...

 Health sciences / 1257 views / Popular

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