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Global Primary Health Care Course

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

About the Course

The International Institute for Primary Health Care – Ethiopia (IPHC-E), along with technical assistance from leading primary health care (PHC) experts in Ethiopia and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (JHSPH), have created this global PHC course that focuses on developing or adapting PHC programmes in LMIC countries. This course is developed by building on PHC experiences in Ethiopia, as well as other model global PHC experiences. By attending this course, you will gain a conceptual and practical grasp of the underlying values and processes within PHC systems as well as experience with a set of key components of the system and how they can be set up to achieve desired outcomes.   The course is organized based on the six health systems building blocks of WHO: service delivery, health workforce, health information systems, medicines, financing and governance, and an additional building block, community engagement. It also includes the opportunity for participants to directly experience these components within the Ethiopia PHC system through field visits and global case study activities. In the online phase, you will have access to the 8 modules of the Global PHC curriculum, and then you will have an opportunity to visit Ethiopia for practical field visits, and you will get certified accordingly.  

Course Format

The emphasis of this course is to learn from the Ethiopian experience, look systematically across the WHO building blocks and draw upon global health examples to illustrate alternative approaches to PHC challenges with the ultimate goal of implementing impactful changes.   The majority of the content is delivered to you through self-paced learning modules, in which you can learn at your own pace, followed by virtual discussions with leaders from within the Ethiopian PHC system, and finally, if you met all the requirements, you will have an opportunity to a field visit in Ethiopia.  

Course Schedule

In this 2 credit hour course, you are expected to commit 4 – 6 hours/week for six weeks including the pre-course activity(module 0). You are also expected to attend 3-4 live sessions within the course.


First-hand experience of PHC systems is recommended—even if participants’ country contexts do not have a strong or well-organized system currently. Being able to relate Ethiopia’s experience to what is happening in their country of origin (or work) will make the learning more directly relevant and applicable. NOTE: This training is offered to a group of participants from a certain country/organization and not to individuals.  

Contact us

If you are interested in this course, or if you need further information please contact Mrs. Tirsit Mehari, the Global PHC Lead at IPHC-E at

You can also send your requests to our online training manager, Mr. Biruh Alemnew at

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