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Advocacy and Partnerships

This thematic area of the institute is responsible for the advocacy of Primary health care as a tool for achieving universal health coverage and developing and maintaining partnerships with stakeholders that share our vision.

Capacity Building in public health advocacy

As a part of its commitment to fostering advocacy for PHC and health equity in Ethiopia, IPHC-E provides a 6-module course on Public Health Advocacy.


Number of Certified Public Health Advocates


Certified ToTs’ of Public Health Advocacy

Advocacy toolkit development

IPHC-E creates advocacy toolkits to provide advocates, organizations, and stakeholders with the essential tools and information needed to effectively impact policy, resource allocation, and public opinion in support of Primary Health Care (PHC). Utilizing the research team’s findings on PHC best practices, the advocacy team transforms the written documentations into publishable materials such as books and various audiovisual products. This allows for the consolidation of crucial information on PHC best practices, enablng advocates to access valuable resources that strengthen their advocacy efforts.

Leveraging different platform to advocate for PHC

The Institute leverages different platforms to actively advocate for PHC


Number of participants


Different nationalities

Strategic partnership for PHC advocacy

IPHC-E has been forging collaborative alliances with diverse stakeholders to advance the goals of PHC on both national and global levels.

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