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ADV is a humanitarian and non-profit making organization founded by a group of Ethiopian volunteers to improve the lives of disadvantaged groups of society by accessing health, education, and training and employment opportunities. The health program of ADV focus on: reproductive health (reproductive health club support to adolescents and girls), population & environment ,primary health care and sanitation, IEC; and HIV /AIDS prevention.

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PDA works on a wide variety of projects to contribute to the development and wellbeing of the Afar people, many of them focusing on vulnerable women and children. The focus areas include mobile health and vaccination, water provision and harvesting, maternal and child health activities, and education for Afar children.

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CareEpilepsy Ethiopia aims to achieve a better quality of life for people affected by epilepsy in Ethiopia. It encompasses the full spectrum of issues: medical treatment, stigma, and social barriers, well-being, research and strengthening the role of health providers to enable delivery of effective, efficient and quality epilepsy services.

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CORHA is  an organizational expression of the determination of NGOs committed to the provision of comprehensive, integrated and sustainable Sexual and Reproductive Health information and services in Ethiopia. CORHA is creating platforms for policy discussion and dialogue, coordinating members’ activities and representing its members in higher level platforms. The Resources section has training manuals, presentation skills, knowledge management, handouts on SBCC and communication materials. More details:

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ECYDO envisions for a safe environment to grow in for every child in Ethiopia, with access to education, health services, and equal opportunities. The charity works in six focus areas: HIV/AIDS, sexual and reproductive health, gender-based violence, skills development, education and community engagement.

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Ethiopia Healthcare Network provides healthcare to women and children without healthcare access. The charity focuses on women and children because they are most vulnerable and the binding force of the community. Ethiopia Healthcare Network works in partnership with in-country resources, charitable organizations, national and local government, churches, mosques and businesses. EHN’s main services are running a higher clinic and providing financial support to needy patients.  More details:

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EMRDA aims to bring about sustainable development by creating educated, healthy and empowered society, by improving environmental protection and food security in the country through inclusive and participatory approaches. Under the health program, the charity uses integrated community-based approach towards combating HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria. The resources page has publications and training materials.   More details:  

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ENAPAL is committed to addressing leprosy related issues in Ethiopia.  It is a community-based organization working on leprosy related rehabilitation, prevention of disability, capacity building, education, stigma reduction and occasionally on drought emergency response and preparedness.  The charity is currently operating in Addis Ababa, Amara, Tigray, Harrari, SNNP and Oromia Regions in the country. More details:

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ISHDO is working to bring lasting impacts or sustainable changes, through its various program interventions, including health, education, livelihood, peace building and women empowerment. ISHDO provides effective and tailored HIV services for persons affected and infected by HIV and AIDS and people who are vulnerable to HIV infection, on prevention, care and support for OVCs and other needy community members, nutrition for those who are malnourished children and pregnant women.  Water supply and sanitation and hygiene programs are also included under the health program. 

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KMG Ethiopia envisions a society in which women are free from all forms of discrimination and violence. The charity strives to create an environment where the whole personhood, values and rights of women are recognized and their talents and wisdom are nurtured. More details:

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Mathiwos Wondu – YeEthiopia Cancer Society(MWECS) has a vision of seeing a society fully aware of cancer.  The charity is actively engaged in the control of pediatric and women cancer along with cancer risk factors as well as related non-communicable diseases. MWECS is also involved in raising public awareness of cancer, its prevention and treatment possibilities. More details:

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OWDA is a national humanitarian organization dedicated to bring sustainable human development in the Somali Region of Ethiopia. Through its cooperation with key actors, OWDA feeds, equip and guides the attitude of the community with awareness creation campaigns. OWDA invests and builds the resilience of vulnerable pastoral and agro pastoral communities to help them survive with natural and made shocks. The charity also works on health, potable water and community development programs. More details:

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TikuretLesetocEnaLehitsanatMaheberworks on women and children in Ethiopia. The charity addresses the dire social, economic and health situation of the target groups. TLLM has orphanage centers and promotes national and international adoptions through child-sponsorship initiatives. More details:

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