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Introduction to Public Health Advocacy Course

In partnership with the University of Queensland’s School of Public Health, IPHC-E developed the Public Health Advocacy Course. Its goal is to empower and enhance the health workforce and policymakers, enabling them to drive impactful change through effective advocacy, thereby improving the delivery of high-quality Primary Health Care

Introduction to Public Health Advocacy Course

Advocacy plays a crucial role in the public health approach, aiming to create healthier environments, ensure equitable access to quality healthcare, and advocate for the eradication of health, social, and economic disparities. Public health advocacy encompasses educational, organizational, and mobilization efforts to drive impactful systemic changes in population health.

PHC Advocacy Course

Learning Activities

  •  This course is made up of 6 Modules. Each module is made up of one to three sessions. These sessions are pre-recorded and self-directed. Each module will take approximately three hours to complete.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Develop an advocacy plan with clear aims, objectives, resourcing plan and budget, activities, outcomes and monitoring and evaluation framework.
  • Demonstrate the key principles of developing a message and its delivery for an advocacy campaign 
  • Undertake a stakeholder analysis to support an advocacy campaign
Module 1: Introduction to PH Advocacy
In this module, participants will delve into the realm of public health advocacy, gaining insights into its definition, significance, and essential components. Through interactive discussions and engaging content, learners will explore the role of advocacy in advancing public health agendas, understanding its importance in effecting change and shaping policies. By examining key components, participants will develop a comprehensive understanding of how advocacy initiatives are structured and executed within the public health domain
Module 2: Getting started
This module equips participants with the essential skills and knowledge needed to develop a comprehensive public health advocacy plan. Focusing on setting clear goals, crafting SMART objectives, and conducting thorough stakeholder analysis, learners will gain practical experience in designing actionable advocacy strategies. Through detailed sessions, participants will learn to create well-structured objectives, critically evaluate existing advocacy plans, and develop measurable indicators to track progress.
Module 3: Being strategic
This module focuses on the development and delivery of impactful advocacy messages. Participants will learn to integrate evidence, emotion, and ethical considerations (the 3Es) into their messaging. Additionally, they will explore techniques for framing and presenting messages in a clear, concise, compelling, and consistent manner. Practical exercises will guide learners in creating well-rounded advocacy messages and developing visual aids to enhance their campaigns.
Module 4: Tools for your campaign
This module explores various tools for delivering advocacy messages, emphasizing the integration of evidence, emotion, and values. Participants will learn how to frame and present their messages using these tools effectively. By the end of the module, participants will be able to describe common advocacy tools, identify the most suitable tools for their campaigns, and develop these tools to enhance their advocacy efforts.
Module 5: Detailed planning
This module guides participants in creating a comprehensive advocacy action plan, aligning objectives, target audiences, strategies, activities, and resources. It covers sourcing resources, linking SMART indicators to data management, and using monitoring and evaluation results to foster a learning organization for effective campaign implementation.
Module 6: The final product
In this final module, participants will integrate all elements learned to create a cohesive advocacy action plan. This includes aligning objectives, strategies, and resources, and establishing monitoring and evaluation processes. The module ensures participants can effectively implement and manage their advocacy campaigns, culminating in a polished, actionable plan.

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