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Implementation research


As epidemiologic, socio-economic, demographic and technological transitions occur, there is a need for ongoing PHC systems implementation research to understand the changing context of PHC implementation to respond accordingly and to frame the future of PHC systems globally and locally in Ethiopia.

Continue to add to the Knowledge Base of PHC

The Institute play a role in new knowledge creation in the development and evolution of PHC. Multi-disciplinary studies of PHC systems performance including service delivery; quality, effectiveness and equity; health financing, human resources, governance and accountability, and social determinants of health are research priorities. Additionally, in collaboration with the FMOH, the Institute monitors the progress of implementation of PHC by examining enabling factors and barriers. Pilot initiatives are monitored and evaluated. Such sites serve to inform how to improve the effectiveness of various approaches as well as how to overcome obstacles for the implementation of a successful PHC system. The Institute also works with governmental and non-governmental institutions in Ethiopia to identify high-performing PHC Units for documenting best practices.

Review of the existing evidence base for PHC

A main focus of the Institute is to foster and revitalize PHC. Systematic reviews are carried out on various types of global and national (Ethiopian) evidences and experiences in implementing PHC. The reviews are compiled in order to contribute lessons and further develop the PHC system in Ethiopia and other developing countries.

Policy translation and delivery

Knowledge gained through research, reviews of existing evidence, and successful replicable implementation models and tools are shared with policy makers and health care influencers. The Institute facilitates translation and implementation of PHC knowledge through various forums bringing together policy makers and researchers.


General Objective: To create a knowledge powerhouse and enhance the design and implementation of Primary Health Care.
  • Specific Objective 1: Create a critical wealth of knowledge in learning about the Ethiopian PHC
  • Specific Objective 2: Improve access and utilization of universal PHC knowledge
  • Specific Objective 3: Build research collaboration and partnership
  • Specific Objective 4: Improve program performance through bridging the gap between evidence and policy

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